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Many people think that creative people live in a somewhat chaotic world. However, in fact, there are several rules that allow you to direct talent in the right direction and with its help achieve the desired result.

Failure doesn't matter. You can't do without failures, not everything turns out and not always. However, this one is not at all an indication that you are a failure. A possible failure should be accepted as a vital thing, such troubles sometimes happen to everyone. Errors should not break, they should teach us to move on, draw conclusions. Creative people often take failure too much to heart, and you shouldn't. After all, mistakes are part of learning, development. No wonder they say that the one who does nothing is not mistaken. But you don't want to be such a person, right? The main thing is that failures do not become a second “me”. Let mistakes become material for study, on the basis of this, you can surely become a more creative person.

Go beyond the rules. A truly productive creative person is characterized by the fact that he can go beyond, and push boundaries in general. Everything should be done to make creativity as easy as possible and entertaining. It's good if talents allow you to get work done several times faster than others, but how can you stop there? There is always an opportunity to improve an idea and make it better. This is something worth doing. As a result, this overstepping will allow you to enjoy your work and open up additional opportunities for creativity. People will appreciate your efforts much better. If they don't, then you simply won't lose anything. On the other hand, much more information has been received about creativity and one's own powers than it was assumed by the established framework.

Try new things. As already mentioned, immediately after finding a solution for an idea, creative people start looking for ways to improve. That's good, but what if people were really creative? It is worth giving freedom to your imagination and trying to do something that you have never done in your life. A similar approach applies to privacy. Maybe it's time to get out of your hole and finally go out into the world? Then creativity can begin to develop in a new direction. It is necessary to get acquainted with new cultures, methods of thinking and action, new cuisine, in the end. You can try to take part in some kind of competition, go to an unusual museum, dine in a noisy place, watching the visitors there. All of this can be very inspiring.

Give others some of your experience. It turns out that the best way to remember information for a long time is to pass it on to others. Experience can be learned even better if you teach it to someone else. Don't be afraid to share knowledge and ideas. They often think that having told them, you will be left with nothing. But this is not the case. The more a person gives out, the more he has left. So it's worth starting to share your luggage.

Turn work into play. They say that work cannot be pleasant, but is it? If everyday work becomes a pleasant pastime, then the risk of getting tired of it will be minimal. You must learn to enjoy everything that you do. And if you don't like something, then you shouldn't do it. There is always some kind of work that needs to be done quickly or it is corny to spend time on it. Whether you treat it like a game or a heavy duty is up to you. But for a creative person, the hatred of work will immediately make it less creative.

Get some rest. No matter how much you like your favorite activity, you still need to rest from it from time to time. Plan your vacation! Let there be a weekend on which you just lie on the couch watching a movie or an interesting book, and it would be nice to sleep off. Even during daily work, you should leave the workplace to have a snack and reconnect with reality. After all, the human brain is not a computer; it needs constant breaks to recharge, to generate new creative impulses. If you feel bored and unhappy, it's time to take a break to figure out how to restore the taste of life.

Work even when others are resting. Seeing other people not working, a similar desire arises. After all, this does not harm someone, why not take a break beyond what was planned? However, this temptation should be abandoned. After all, not only will a pause hurt performance and mood, it will also dry out the brain. We need to do everything to the maximum and enjoy our work. Isn't it nice to gain experience and achieve results while other people are relaxing? In addition, selfless work will not go unnoticed by the employer.

Constantly come up with something new. Creative people constantly see things in a new light. We must try to maintain this attitude, creativity should not dry out. And don't assume that when you leave the workplace, creativity is paused. Every aspect of life must be made unusual and creative. Even at home, you can stay creative - do the cleaning in an unusual way, come up with original gifts. You can and should create not only at work. If you draw there, then in your free time you can start writing texts. If you do this at work, then sew at home. Diversify your activities without losing your creativity. Original ideas will surely appear. To become a truly creative person, you should go beyond your own comfort zone and look for your own original ways of self-expression.

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