Habits that lead to poverty

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Nobody wants to be poor. In any case, you need to start with yourself, get rid of the very habits that lead a person to poverty.

Feel sorry for yourself. Those people who are inclined towards poverty constantly gel themselves. They believe that fate itself has robbed them of their wealth. Some regret that they were born a woman, supposedly a man initially has more chances of success. Others blame their fat figure for everything, believing that the best places go to the thin ones. People regret that they have the wrong nationality, skin color, faith. There are those who see the reason for failure in the fact that they are not married, while others, on the contrary, blame their ring on their finger or the status of a divorced for everything. Young people believe that inexperience hinders them, and people in adulthood sigh about lost years. But how will people feel about those who constantly feel sorry for themselves and focus on an insignificant fact of their life? Self-pity becomes a heavy anchor that prevents development and leads to poverty. Such an attitude towards one's destiny will lead to the search for low-paid jobs and a miserable existence.

Be greedy. On the face of it, frugality bordering on greed is the best way to choose out of poverty. In fact, the constant search for discount goods and stores with sales, the reluctance to pay for the education of children, the desire to force their employees to work more for less money - all this suggests that the habit of being poor has already developed. The desire to save on everything is not a wise sign, but an indication that you have a clear mismatch between expenses and income. As a result, the simplest and most incorrect solution to this problem is chosen. If a person is programmed for wealth, then he will be ready to pay the true price for things, services, labor of subordinates. Accordingly, he is expected to receive the same from others.

Doing work you don't like. Doing something you don't love is common. Some are furious that no one is helping them, others are nervous that their work is not able to solve financial problems. We hate, freak out, worry, despise ... How many negative feelings about everyday work. This leads to failure and poverty. The secret to success is simple - you need to do not what someone needs, but what will give you real satisfaction. Only then will it be possible to talk about some kind of success. Your favorite work will give you an incentive to develop and create.

Evaluating success with money. Poor people have a stereotype that happiness is possible with a certain amount of money. A bank account will give you the opportunity to dress well, buy luxury housing, and start traveling. And all this regardless of work and family. In practice, it turns out that happiness with money alone does not come. For a successful person, assessing his position is much more important to mothers than banknotes. And what exactly - everyone decides for himself. It is not for nothing that rich people begin to engage in charity work, for them happiness is not to save money, but to be able to share it with those who need it.

Spend more than you can afford. Today there are many opportunities to spend more than is available. For this, credit cards have been invented, and bank employees will help to borrow money. However, getting into a debt trap is fraught. Anyone who wants to become successful should understand the difference between the right loan to develop their business and a heavy burden in the form of a loan for a car or a country house.

Get instant benefits. Only poor people want to get everything at once and to the maximum. It is difficult for them to understand that having got a job, even with a low salary, in a solid job in a few years, you can start earning much more than now, but in a dubious one-day company. So what's more important in the long run? Likewise, students predisposed to failure believe that they do not need study, because they can start making money right at this time.

To complain. It is the nature of a poor and unlucky person to whine and complain constantly. Everything around interferes with the implementation - corruption, rudeness, crime, discrimination. How can a normal person break through in such conditions? A potential loser would agree with this. There is a cure for whining - creativity. It is necessary to find unique opportunities to combat the vices of the external environment, to emerge victorious from any situation, even if it was initially unprofitable.

Comparing yourself to others. Losers are constantly comparing themselves to others. As a result, there are certainly minor features that are better than those of competitors. Someone studies better, someone bought a new car, and someone has more fans. As a result, people get hung up on an unnecessary struggle, give the outside world an opportunity to seize the inner one. Let us recall Ellochka the Ogre and her struggle with the millionaire Vanderbilikha. In a correspondence struggle, a Soviet woman surpassed her overseas rival, but can she really be called successful? Ellochka lives by this competition, she has a limited outlook, materialism and a husband who left in despair.

Assessment of wealth with money. Really rich people have not only severed the link between happiness and money, as we have already mentioned, but also changed the attitude towards wealth. It is valued not by a bank account, but by the ability to raise funds, create capital from scratch, and create new areas of entrepreneurship. Then the tax, checks, and the loss of a credit card will not be scary. A really rich person is not successful at the expense of the thickness of the wallet and the number of zeros in the bank account.

Separating yourself from your family. The most classic losers are those who have estranged themselves from their own family. The reasons can be very different - resentment for lack of support in difficult times, unwillingness to borrow money, different views. People don't understand that the family is an important source of internal support. It is here that you can draw strength when they are lost in the battles for success, when there is nothing left behind. The love of relatives will allow you to rise from your knees, revive hope. Family is a great thing, just do not deny yourself the opportunity to understand this.

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