How to maintain healthy sleep

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In our frantic pace of life, there is not enough time to stop and rest. Sleep also suffers from this - we go to bed late, finish the remaining things and get up early, starting the way to work.

But ignoring this type of rest is a big mistake. It is required to set aside the necessary time for sleep, and not interrupt it with a lot of coffee.

True, not everyone can fall asleep quickly. That is why you should know a few simple tips to help improve sleep.

It is necessary to choose and remember a comfortable sleeping position. Each of us sleeps in the most comfortable and familiar position. But some do not really know what she is in reality, accepting her in an unconscious state. Even when trying to fall asleep, you can try to change your position, trying to find the most comfortable one. Or you can just remember the position of the body in which we woke up. The next time you go to bed, lie down in this position.

Create your own bedtime ritual. In our chaotic life, the body still lives according to a strictly established schedule. We form habits that we repeat from day to day. This allows you to create your own bedtime ritual every night. It is worth repeating it several times, as it turns out that the habit has already formed and the body itself begins to fall asleep. And this ritual is not difficult to form. It can be a small cup of good tea or relaxing music on headphones.

Sleep requires appropriate conditions. Falling asleep anywhere and anyway will not work. The room should be quiet and dark, and the room should be ventilated. The mattress and pillow need moderately soft, it is important not to overdo it, striving for maximum comfort. And in such an environment, sleep will be as comfortable as possible.

Experiments with daytime sleep. Do not be afraid of daytime sleep and consider it an attribute of childhood. If he starts to get sleepy long before evening, then why not give yourself the opportunity to take a nap? It is believed that thanks to a day's sleep it will be possible to get rid of tiredness in the evening. But it is important not to prolong such a rest, giving it half an hour or an hour. Otherwise, it will affect your night's sleep.

Don't drink coffee in the evenings. It is known that coffee tones up. And it is better to refuse to use it in the evenings. This drink will really interfere with sleep. Instead of a cup of your favorite drink, it's best to do some vigorous exercise and drink a glass of water.

Go to bed and get up at the same time. This is pretty simple advice - don't we wake up at the same time every day for the alarm? In fact, not everyone follows it exactly. You shouldn't go to bed exactly at the scheduled time. You just have to go to bed at a certain interval. If you get up at 7-8 in the morning, then you should go to bed around midnight. It is believed that normal sleep is 7-8 hours, which should be enough for a productive day.

In case of fatigue, you need to go to bed. If the time comes when the body usually gets used to falling asleep, then you shouldn't force it and try to work. As a result, we will finally check the mail, chat on a social network, watch a video. And in the morning, for some reason, we feel overwhelmed.

Change your bedding. How long have you changed your bedding? And in general, how timely are you doing this? Isn't it nice to sleep on a fresh, fragrant sheet with your head on the pillow. In this aspect, weekly laundry loses to clean. It is worth spending a couple of minutes before bed and providing yourself with extra comfort.

Do not eat or exercise before bed. It's no secret that late dinner is the enemy of the figure. But it also interferes with good sleep. It is also known that it is also difficult to fall asleep after an intense evening workout. It is worth listening to your body and planning these activities early.

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