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It comes as a shock for a girl when her beloved boyfriend leaves her. Our tips will help you to avoid mistakes.

Don't call. The main thing to start with is not to start actively calling and reminding about all the advantages of an ended relationship. Moreover, some girls also do it aggressively: “Without me you will be lost!”, “Who will cook and wash you?”. Sometimes, during such conversations, an attempt is made to manipulate, whether consciously or not. Some expressive natures even hint at the possibility of suicide. In such a situation, the guy will only think about how to fix the situation by calming the girl down or finally getting rid of her. You won't want to think about the renewal of the relationship.

Feeling tired. It is worth sharing the feeling that you yourself are tired of this relationship. However, one cannot say that they caused a feeling of dislike or painful memories, that the break left a bad aftertaste. A guy should, on the one hand, see a like-minded person who thinks the same way as himself, and on the other hand, he should have a desire to fix what he did not succeed. And in this endeavor he will already have a reliable partner.

Disappear for a while. It will be a mistake to constantly remind the guy that you are all right, that you no longer think about him, that you are about to leave. It will be right to disappear for a while. The meaningful status “was online 20 days ago” will make him think about where you disappeared. The guy will start to worry, because he still has fond memories of your relationship.

Attention to memories. It is worth considering your memories carefully. Surely, there were moments that brought you both joy, and some, on the contrary, became the cause of conflicts. It is worth honestly assessing your dignity, how pleasant you, as a girl, are in communication, attractive in appearance. You can connect friends to the analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Once the list has been compiled, a troubleshooting plan can be drawn up. Maybe it's time to significantly change your wardrobe, go to a beautician, and finally read his favorite book?

Try to change dramatically. Fundamental changes in yourself can be the step that will help correct the situation. The girl thought that she was extremely witty, but in fact, she seemed to the guy a sarcastic person trying to comment on everything around. Why not change your image and turn into a modest Turgenev girl? Anyone who prefers a natural style should think that her boyfriend could see in her a simpleton who does not want to paint. A troublesome hostess should think about turning from a “mommy” into a sexy girlfriend, a self-confident workaholic needs to add carelessness and airiness to her image.

Avoid mentioning the past. Talking about the past can be a tool for influencing a guy. He himself will avoid this, although the girl so wants to talk about this topic. It is worth behaving in a friendly and even manner, not starting sentimental conversations, not going into the old details and certainly not asking, not offering or advising anything. In a word, to pretend that there was no relationship at all. To the question of how are you, it is worth answering simply and not going into details of what is happening to you after the breakup.

Attitude towards a new girlfriend. The appearance of a new girlfriend for a guy is a reason to comment on this or somehow react. But it is worth getting rid of such violent emotions about this. Better to befriend his new girlfriend. So the competitor will be there, start to share her thoughts. Sooner or later, she will call on her friend for help in the confrontation with the guy. This, of course, will make him feel bad about you, which is still tolerable. But mostly he will be angry with his current passion. In the struggle for closeness to your friend, you should act gradually. The beginning can be a compliment or a small request that takes a little effort, but becomes an occasion for generous gratitude. You can ask where she got such a great dress, who did her hair. It would be useful to add each other as friends on social networks, where you can easily exchange news, pictures and messages, which will help you get closer. It is worth sharing with your friends funny and embarrassing stories for a guy. He will be embarrassed for this part of his life. In conversations with a guy, you should always take the side of the new girl, this will help her to strengthen so much that the guy will soon begin to avoid her. At the same time, it will be useful to note to him that, as I recall, you did not have such problems.

Hide your interests. The ex-boyfriend will be suspicious of the one he recently broke up with. Trust can be earned through vivid stories available to those close to you. Either the girl suddenly begins to have an affair with her friend, then she is about to leave the country forever, then she has a serious relationship with her married boss. The more details about a girl's new life, in which there is no place for a guy, leaks into the environment, the sooner trust will return. The guy must believe that he is now not interested in his former passion. Then it will be possible to start the real "hunt".

Show progress in life. If you listen to the previous advice, sooner or later the gaps in the image will be eliminated. But it was they who once caused the breakup, forcing the guy to run away from his girlfriend. There is no limit to perfection, we must continue to take new heights in life and work on ourselves. It is worth stopping getting negative from life and scolding everything around in life and on the Internet. Any woman dreams of making herself a luxurious haircut - the time has come to fulfill this dream by going to an expensive salon. You need to revise your wardrobe, simply throwing out all those things that do not suit you. It is worth starting to live your life, not strangers. Relatives can spend hours discussing family problems; public political discussions will also eat up energy. They will also be required for internal changes. You should not resort to introspection, such sessions will end in tears and an addiction to sweets. It's worth finding some kind of intellectual activity that really suits your taste. The spheres of interest to the guy are also worth monitoring. However, the deliberate demonstration of knowledge in those matters that are considered purely masculine may cause suspicion. The guy will not believe in such knowledge, believing that the girl is deliberately flaunting them. You just have to be ready to support a conversation on a topic that interests him. It is also worth making a list of what you can be loved for. And let your friend, who is neutral about you, correct it by looking impartially and from the side.

Summon his initiative. Everyone has moments of weakness, just like a former lover and friend. However, you should not immediately try to use them, appearing in view soon after his quarrel with a new girlfriend. A man can complain, even burst into tears, he will want to shelter and even reward. However, in the morning he will most likely be ashamed of his behavior and break all ties, preferring not to remember his unworthy repentance. At such a moment, it is better to show gentle detachment. This will evoke gratitude from a friend, and will be rewarded over time. Let the initiative come from the guy himself. He must understand that the girl has changed, she has become better not only herself but also her current girlfriend. And this applies to issues that are important to him, from scientific knowledge to sexual techniques. You need to be at a distance, but close, to rotate in the same circles, causing admiration of other guys. Jealousy has not yet been canceled. In general, it is important for any girl to have something more important in life than study, a blog about beauty and experiencing an ended relationship.

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