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Today social networks have taken over the whole world. Nevertheless, in the same Facebook there are several secrets of work that will significantly facilitate the user's work and help him become famous.

Working with EdgeRank. Often people notice that out of several hundred of their friends, information about only a few of them appears in the news feed. And the point here is not at all the decreased activity of people. The news feed has two tabs - "Recent Updates" (where content created by friends is published in chronological order) and "Popular News". In the second tab, all content is filtered using a special EdgeRank algorithm. Those users who have a high rating in this system will be displayed in the popular news feed. That is why it is so important to consider this thoroughly.

After all, Popular News is the default setting for Facebook. Thus, updates to your page may be simply invisible to friends. So how do you improve your ranking? First of all, it is determined by the proximity of people. By commenting or viewing someone's photo or clicking "Like" you increase your rating. At the same time, leaving messages should be such that the user wants to respond. Then the level of intimacy will become even higher. Facebook also measures the interaction of people differently. Activities that require more user engagement are rated higher. For example, commenting on a photo is much more difficult than just looking at it. Therefore, it is worth publishing content that will make you want to comment on it, discuss it, or just click on it. The relevance should also be taken into account. Who wants to read about past uninteresting events? Only recently added objects have a chance to take a place in the news feed.

Create a survey. The simple way to attract fans is to create a survey. It is necessary to choose an actual and acute topic. Then there will be more people who want to vote and there will be an opportunity to debate. Such activity on the page will increase its ranking.

Add more photos and videos. In the news feed, photos and videos are published as small images. Since it is just small, you definitely want to click on them to see in more detail. So it is worth publishing such content and be sure to provide it with such a comment so that the user wants to open a photo or video and share his opinion.

Share links. In fact, links are not at all useless. They help you start communicating. After all, clicking on them, people tend to look at the next object. At the same time, it is worth giving up the temptation to advertise only your own website. Don't be afraid to advertise interesting content from third-party sources. On the same Twitter, users came to the conclusion that the more interesting content you show to your friends, the higher the chances of getting interested in your information. Do not forget about the comments, which will force the person to open this link and leave a comment. The object that will be of interest to everyone and will receive comments, with a high degree of probability, will be displayed in the Popular News feed. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to establish contact with those users who leave comments.

Tracking the relevance. On Facebook, the news feed is updated at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, if there are objects on the page that do not receive a response, do not be afraid to forget about them and move on. If the object turned out to be interesting, but for some reason did not receive a response, but it is worth trying to modify it and post it at a different time.

Ask users to share. If you're new to Facebook, don't be afraid to ask your friends to share items or click the "Like" button. Any page on this social network takes time to develop and promote. It is up to the user to speed up this process.

Publication of quotes from famous people. This way of getting attention is very effective and not very difficult. There are many books with aphorisms of famous people. You just need to choose the most successful and appropriate ones and place them on your page.

Problem of choice. A good tool is to ask a question and ask users to help them choose one of the two answer options. For example, which is better - Windows or Mac? This can even generate a real discussion, which only plays into the hands of the owner of the page.

Complete the sentence. A good way to attract friends is to offer to finish a phrase. It is advisable not to compete in erudition, but to offer to negotiate a certain controversial proposal. Then there will be more responses.

Home page design. It is believed that the growth of the group depends largely on the Welcom page. There are a few guidelines to follow. The main thing is to get the user to click "Like". But not everyone is equally literate and knows what it is and why. Some visitors are probably first time here and don't know the basics of working on Facebook. Therefore, it is worth highlighting the button with an arrow or a large graphic element so that it is clear exactly where to press. You should also motivate your guests to do this: "Support us!", "Vote for us!", "Get a discount!" It is worth making the page available not only to friends, but to all visitors in general.

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