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Meaning of the name

Aida translated from Arabic means "benefit", "reward".


Aida represents the type of women who are receptive to everything related to the spiritual aspects of life. Endowed with an innate sense of beauty, nature has generously endowed these women with both attractive looks and many talents.

They are musical, they draw well, they are not devoid of a poetic gift, they are attracted by everything that is exclusive, not related to everyday life. Aida dreams of becoming an actress, artist, singer, and, I must say, she has all the data for this.

However, life disposes in its own way, and, having received an education, Aida most often does not work in her chosen specialty. This woman could have made an excellent teacher: she is observant, tactful, knows how to find an approach to any person and treats what she does with great responsibility.

Aida, born in winter, is courageous in her actions, relaxed, knows how to speak beautifully, is able to speak before a large audience without inner robustness. He is confident in his abilities and in his charm.

Born in summer, she has a rich imagination. She is dreamy and in dreams is capable of being carried away so far that for a long time she cannot then sink to sinful earth. She is occupied with questions of philosophy, religion, the universe.

Aida is in no hurry to get married, she is a very temperamental person and she chooses one for herself to match her in this regard. In the family, he seeks to rule both her husband and households. It is contraindicated for her to live together even with her mother, and even more so with her mother-in-law. Likes to stand out in society and is addicted to long telephone conversations.

Aida is distinguished by high intelligence, curiosity, she manages to keep abreast of everything that happens in the world. She has an excellent memory, a lively mind, an instant reaction. They are guided by clairvoyance. He anticipates, guesses, envelops you with his charm. Aida is able to find a way out of any situation. Her plans, as a rule, are real, but Aida does not like to bring the matter to the end.


Aida comes across the practice of sex much later. Aida has a great need for male affection, she puts it above the sexual capabilities of a man. She herself, in return, knows how to give her partner a sea of ​​unique sensations, anticipating all his desires, showing amazing emotional relaxedness.

She can break up with a partner if she lacks affection, even if she receives sexual satisfaction from him.

Winter Aida is often promiscuous in her sexual relationships: having barely met a man, she can go to the bedroom and spend a stormy night with him, and in the morning she will not consider this a reason to continue dating.

If she does not have a permanent partner, she is able to enter into sexual contact, simply to relieve sexual tension, out of the conviction that abstinence is unhealthy.

She never perceives her connections as licentiousness, if she meets a person who suits her "in body and soul", will remain faithful to him. She knows how to appreciate a partner and be grateful to him.

Autumn is emotional, sensual and sensitive, there are no trifles for her in love. In marriage, she is a leader, not excluding an intimate relationship with her husband.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Capricorn, Fish.


The sound of the name Aida gives the impression of something beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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