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Meaning of the name

The female form of the male name Anastasius (Anastas), translated from Greek means "resurrecting", "return to life."


Anastasia is the embodiment of charm, grace, changeable moods, caution, readiness for love or alienation. She is distinguished by a delicate mental attitude, unmistakable intuition. She is able to prophesy, predict the future, foresee events.

Moreover, Anastasia often has such a powerful analytical mind that she can confuse the most sophisticated thinkers. One problem is that she is lazy and cold. No one, except for herself and those closest to her, exists for her.

Anastasia belongs to high flying women. Nastenka is the most common name for heroines of folk tales. It is written to her to be the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most tender. She is everyone's favorite - and never disappoints.

Grows up a dreamer. She has a well-developed imagination. She is defenseless against evil and cunning people. She can be deceived and hurt. Therefore, Nastya needs protection and support.

The hard work brought up in childhood is preserved for life. Over the years, she becomes a seductive woman. This is a balanced and circumspect personality. She adapts well to life's circumstances. She will not be broken by adversity, since she will be able to adapt to a changed situation without much loss.

Life with Anastasia is not easy. She has a weak nervous system, her mood changes quickly - from unbridled fun to deep depression. This is an introvert, immersed in his inner world. Anastasia looks too self-confident, but often this is only an external impression. The mental crowbars of tragedy are alien to her.

Intuition is amazing - restless, mobile and unstable. Able to synthesize. He quickly grasps and understands everything, but often gets bogged down in little things that he does not like and rejects. The memory is good, but retains only the information of interest.

Her health is good, but often Anastasia's own carelessness leads to accidents, car accidents, leg fractures and weak kidneys are frequent.

Likes to decorate the house with flowers and graceful things. An active and penetrating interest in the world.

Maybe a flight attendant, journalist, sales representative, a good artist, educator, doctor. Strict, persistent and proud. Her subtle mental structure disposes people to trust, helps to quickly establish business relationships.

She has something of a diligent schoolgirl. Can captivate by example. She may not achieve outstanding results in business, but her life will be calm, measured and happy.

In communicating with Anastasia, one should not forget that if she calls herself Nastya, then all the above character traits are smoothed out. And yet, when Anastasia is calm and balanced, her intuition is able to penetrate the very depths of your soul. Although love often obscures her eyes.


They subtly feel moral principles, but they often betray them, not finding satisfaction in what they have done. A certain amount of moral opportunism sometimes leads them to violent adventures. Decisions are often too hasty. There is too much distance between their activity and the inertia of the people around them.


Dark green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Gemini, Aries.


The sound of the name Anastasia gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, light, light, joyful.

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