Male Anglo-Saxon names

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Aglaeka is both a demon (villain) and a hero (warrior)
Aeglaeka is both a demon (villain) and a hero (warrior)
Aezelwulf - noble wolf
Aezelwulfing - son of Aezelwalf
Aezalbald - noble and courageous
Aezelverd - Noble Guard
Aezelstan - a noble stone
Aezelfried - Noble World
Aell - universal
Aella - universal
Aelred is a great advisor
Aelric - a noble rule
Aelfwine - friend of the elves
Aelfweald - ruler of the elves
Aelfverd - guarded by an elf
Aelfred - counseling with an elf
Aelfric - ruler of the elves
Aelfhair - an army of elves
Aelfer - an army of elves
Aesc - ash
Aethelbert - noble and bright
Aetelberht - noble and bright
Aetelmaer - noble and famous
Aetelred is a great advisor
Aetelric - a noble rule
Aetelhard - noble
Aiken - made of oak

Bardalf is a bright, pure wolf
Bardoulf is a bright, pure wolf
Bertholph is a bright, pure wolf
Brand - sword
Brandi - sword
Brandt - sword
Brant - sword

Weyerd is a brave warrior
Walfric - the power of the wolf
Wiebert - a bright battle
Wilder - Chief of the Army
Wilherd - Resolute
Winnstan - a stone of pleasure
Wine is a friend
Wirthjorn - High Lord or Overlord

Garrick - the power of the spear
Godfreet - God's Serenity

Daegberht - a bright day
Daegmand - day guardian, protector
Drogo - ghost, phantom
Dhelverd - noble guard

Idverd - the guardian of prosperity
Idvig is simultaneously wealth, wealth, prosperity, and war
Idgar is a noble, wealthy spearman
Idgard is a noble, wealthy spearman
Ildwine is an old friend
Ildred Elder

Kinebeald is a magnificent, brilliant brave man
Kinebil is a magnificent, brilliant brave man
Kinevard - royal tranquility
Kinefried - royal tranquility
Kineward is a great, brilliant defender
Cuthbert - bright fame

Leofwein - beloved, dear friend
Leofric is the beloved ruler

One is madness, inspiration, anger
Oerik - ash
Osbeorn - Bear God
Osbeorcht - God's light
Osweald - the might of a god
Oswin is a god friend
Osmond - protector of god
Osmund - protector of god

Randwulf - wolf - protector

Selwyn is a friend
Siverd - Marine Guard
Siguerd - Winner and Protector
Sidda - the battle
Sigeberht is a bright winner
Sina - spicy
Sinhelm - the brave defender
Sealesidge - the ship is the winner
Sirdik - military leader

Tiv is a god
Tunor - thunder

Freodaric is a peaceful ruler

Herebeorcht - a magnificent army
Hereward - military guard
Heryueald - Chief of the Army
Hildebeorcht - the famous, striking battle
Hreodbeorcht - famous
Hrothgar - the famous spearman

Aiken - made of oak
Aikin - made of oak
Eikken - made of oak
Ekgberkt - bright, famous
Eckbricht - bright, famous
Elverd is a noble guard
Eoforwin - friend of the boar
Eoforherd - strong as a boar
Ervig - eternal ruler
Esmand - God's protection, grace
Esmond - God's protection, grace

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