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This doll is the most famous of the last century. It has always been a beautiful doll that not only keeps up with fashion, but even overtakes it in some way.

The toy, meanwhile, is very ambiguous. And there are many collectors of products of a well-known brand.

The “mother” of the famous brand is the American Ruth Handler. She and her husband, Elliot, opened Mattel in the mid-1940s. She was supposed to create picture frames. And the idea to create a doll in the form of an adult girl came to Ruth when she noticed an interesting fact. It turned out that her daughter Barbara and her girlfriends love adult dolls more than child dolls. Who said that children love to play exclusively as mothers and daughters? It's so interesting to plunge into adulthood, putting yourself in the shoes of a beautiful and stylish woman who is achieving success.

And those who call "Barbie" a childish toy are right. She was indeed modeled after a doll intended for adults. While vacationing in Switzerland in the late 1950s, Ruth bought the rights to the doll, which became the prototype for Barbie. She became the heroine of adult comics, Lilly. The blonde girl was very curvy. In America, Lilly's design has been redesigned to appeal to children. In 1959, a new Barbie doll went on sale, which Ruth named after her daughter Barbara.

This toy appeared with dark hair, the girl had a ponytail on her head. The doll's ears were adorned with mother-of-pearl earrings, and she had open sandals with heels on her feet. Barbie was dressed in a black and striped swimsuit. Through television ads, Mattel has brought the new doll to the nation. Suddenly there was a real boom for Barbie. The manufacturer received so many applications that they simply did not have time to satisfy. Little girls began to go crazy about Barbie. But many parents perceived the doll rather coolly, there was an opinion that playing with it can have a bad effect on the child's psyche.

The popularity of the doll has grown at an unprecedented rate. In 1961, she had a boyfriend, Ken. He was named after Ruth Handler's son. And two years later, Barbie had a friend, Midge, and in 1964, her sister, Skipper. Currently, there are dozens of friends and family in the Barbie world. When it was announced that the beauty and Ken were parting, it shocked all fans of the toy. By 1961, Barbie had become a real bestseller, becoming the main fashionable doll of all times and peoples. It appeared at the most opportune moment, because it was during these years that the social role of women began to be revised, people began to think about high fashion, fall in love with her.

I must say that the appearance of the doll did not remain unchanged. Designers constantly experimented with hair length and color. A very good option turned out to be Barbie with hair to the very toes - after all, girls love so much to make their dolls hairstyles. Gradually they were able to make the doll more mobile. Her body parts learned to bend and turn. This made it possible to release the Barbie cyclist, athlete and dancer.

The manufacturer even produced a doll almost a meter high, as a result, girls could even try on outfits from their toys. In 1964, a model saw the light that knew how to open and close eyes. Interestingly, it was only in 1971 that Barbie began to look in front of her. Before that, she coquettishly glanced a little to the side, like her prototype, Lilly. Since 1959, Barbie's appearance has changed dramatically only a few times, and at the end of the 90s, designers still gave the doll's body and face natural proportions.

However, the history of the brand has not been without scandals. So, in 1993, the Teen Talk Barbie doll appeared on sale. She uttered controversial phrases such as "Math is very difficult", "I like shopping", "Will we have enough clothes?" and "Let's have a pizza party." Needless to say, the reaction from buyers was sharply negative. After all, the doll formed the image of a stupid empty girl, giving bad lessons in life values ​​to those playing with her.

And the "pregnant Barbie" in some countries received bad reviews. Previously, the doll was accused of being obsessed with her clothes and entertainment, but now doll birth has become associated with her. This process looks so soulless and mechanical that it dulls the feeling of a miracle that is present in real life.

Despite all these difficulties, the Barbie brand has become recognizable all over the world. In the wake of the popularity of the manufacturer, the company "Mattel" released its best doll in folk costumes, gave national features and even taught to speak different languages. Over the past 45 years of its life, the doll has been able to master many specialties - she has been a doctor and a flight attendant, a rock singer and a business woman, a pilot, a teacher and even a politician! But most of all, the children loved those Barbies who repeated the appearance of superstars - Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor. Today, new idols are in vogue, which is why the release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has spawned a new collection of a series of dolls representing the heroes of Tolkien's fantasy epic.

Today Barbie is under the scrutiny of famous fashion houses. Since the mid-1980s, they began to produce collectible series of models of the famous doll, dressing it up in the most luxurious toilets. In 1985, there was even an international exhibition in which Barbie wore outfits by Pierre Craden, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves-Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. Even today, the doll participates in the shows of famous couturiers - Bob Mackey, Blass, Givenchy. Fashion designers use the fame of Barbie, even making her part of the accessories of their collections.

We can safely say that Barbie has become for several generations not just a toy, but a real symbol. Its meaning can be deciphered by knowing the attitude of her mistress to the doll. For some, Barbie remains a cold sex toy that does not inspire love, someone sees in her a thirst for consumption. This is evidenced by thousands of accessories and types of clothing produced for the doll. There are a lot of those who adore this doll, considering it a standard of beauty, an inspiration for creativity.

However, there are those for whom the Barbie brand is an empty phrase. But since the doll has existed for almost half a century, does it mean there is something unusual in it? Moreover, there are quite real girls who even change their appearance, including with the help of plastic surgeons, just to be like their idol. Today, the Barbie story continues. Despite the fact that it constantly has strong competitors in the global markets, hardly any other brand can become the same legend.

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