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There is no doubt that beer is best drunk in fun company. At these large-scale festivals, various companies present their varieties; not only tastings are held here, but also competitions and other events on this topic.

The love for beer is so great that such festivals are held in almost all countries where its production and consumption are developed. The most famous holiday - Oktoberfest, takes place in Germany, where 91% of men and 67% of women regularly drink beer.

But other countries also boast their famous beer festivals. And who said that beer is drunk only in summer or autumn? The beer calendar begins to pay tribute to this foamy drink in January, and the series of festivals ends in late November!

Oktoberfest. This is not only the largest beer festival, but also the largest folk festival in the world. The event in Munich is attended by about 6 million people annually, who drink here on average a liter of beer for each. For the first time, the festival took place on October 12, 1810 in the form of five-day national celebrations in honor of the wedding of the Bavarian prince Ludwig I. The venue where the celebrations took place was named after the bride - Teresa's meadow. Its area was 41 hectares. And the festival begins on the last Saturday of September and ends on the first Sunday in October. If the end falls on the first days of the month, then the holiday can be extended until October 3, because then the day of the unification of Germany is celebrated. I must say that such a time for the festival was not chosen by chance, because historically these days in Munich is warm and sunny weather. The script for the festival has long been defined and has remained practically unchanged over the past 180 years. It all starts with processions through the streets of the city, and even top Bavarian officials take part in this parade. The holiday itself begins with twelve volleys in Teresa's meadow. At this time, the plug is knocked out of the beer barrel, which serves as a signal for the start of heavy drinking. And every day of the festival ends strictly at 22-30. I must say that the regulations are quite strict with regard to drinks. At Oktoberfest, it is allowed to bottle only beer that is brewed in accordance with medieval rules. The foamy drink is usually poured into liter mugs. Its average price has recently been 9.5 euros. You can drink beer here, as much as common sense tells, but smoking is prohibited on the territory of Oktoberfest.

Volksfest. This German festival is also called the People's Day. This is the second largest festival in the world. After all, more than four million people come here. It is considered a lighter and more family version of the same Oktoberfest. And Volksfest emerged from the agricultural fair, which was founded near Nuremberg in 1818. The region had to be raised from the decline into which it came after the Napoleonic wars, and then also the plague epidemic. This festival was only 8 years younger than its Munich neighbor. However, in this case, the beer festival in Stuttgart is subject to strict traditions and rituals. The festival also takes place in late September and early October. It opens at exactly 11 o'clock in the morning, when the Lord Mayor opens the beer barrel. As part of large-scale festivities, they not only drink beer, but demonstrate crafts, a carnival and numerous competitions are held. The symbol of the festival and at the same time the main landmark for guests is a huge column of fruits, reaching 26 meters. This colossus is installed in the central square. And the tents here occupy 16 hectares, they are dedicated to different themes, cuisine and decoration style. To reserve a table here or even a place on the lava, you should submit an application several months in advance. Each pavilion has a stage where music is constantly playing.

Pilsner Fest. At the beginning of September, this festival takes place for three days from Friday to Sunday in Czech Pilsen. It is the largest in the country. The German giants, of course, cannot be compared - about 60 thousand people gather here every year. This festival is a kind of birthday of the local brewery Plzeňske Prazdroj, which has already turned 170 years old. Czechs enjoy drinking Pilsner beer, the most popular beer being Pilsner Urquell. And all this is accompanied by an entertainment program. Musical groups perform at the festival, and there is also a park for extreme lovers. Competitions in non-traditional sports are generally held in high esteem. And their master classes are held by real professionals in pouring beer into glasses. Author's readings work at the festival, and a concert of organ music is held in the local church on the same days. But all this is far from being so popular among the guests of the festival than drinking a "free barrel". Also inside the Pilsner Fest, there is also a Gastrofest sub-festival dedicated to national Czech cuisine. I must say that funny records are regularly set at this beer festival. For example, once the majority of people here took a sip of beer from plastic cups at the same time.

Beer weekend in Belgium. And this event takes place on the first weekend of September. It is hosted by the Grand Place Park in Brussels, Belgium. The organizers of this festival are local beer associations and city authorities. The celebration has already become traditional, having a 15-year history. The festival opens on Friday evening, and the ceremonial part - a procession of beer carts along the city streets, is held on Saturday morning. The ceremony is accompanied by a parade by a brewer and a tasting of the very drink to which the event is dedicated. The main drink here is lager, although exotic is also found. So, at the festival you can find beer brewed according to ancient monastery recipes. There are also Kriek cherry varieties and Frambinos raspberry varieties. All in all, about fifty beer producers take part in the festival. It is curious that at the holiday, the usual currency - the euro, is not welcome. It is converted here into local - simple beer lids. The course will not let you get confused - they give one cover for one euro. And the most expensive beer here doesn't cost more than three caps. Beer weekend goers love to brag to each other about the number of beers they have tasted.

London's Great Beer Festival. It is not difficult to understand from the name where this August event is held. It is organized by the Campaign for Real Ale or CAMRA. The festival is hosted by the local Olympia Exhibition Center Hammersmith Road, which has earned the derisive nickname of the world's largest pub. The event was first held back in 1975, since then up to 70 thousand people come to taste real ale every year. The emblem of the festival is unusual, as for the European capital - the Sumerian goddess Ninkashi. The fact is that she was considered the patroness of brewing in the Sumerian kingdom. At this beer festival, guests mainly drink cider, ale, ginger and wheat beers. In total, there are about three hundred local varieties and as many foreign ones. But the festival program includes not only tasting the drink, the entertainment part includes contests, including the ancient drinking song, live music sounds here, and table football is played. There are amusement rides here and expert tasters conduct their master classes. The winner gets the honorary title "Beer Champion". They are not afraid to break glasses here, because it only causes joy and applause from the rest of those present.

Great American Beer Festival. Americans also love beer and hold their festival in Denver in honor of this drink. It is not by chance that the event in Colorado received the prefix "Great". After all, the largest variety of beer is presented here. It is no coincidence that the motto of the festival is the slogan: "Here you will find everything you want." At the same time, not only American products are presented at the festival, but also imported varieties. Special attention is paid to Czech and German varieties. In total, more than three hundred brewing brands take part in the famous festival, more than twenty thousand people flock here every year. And the event has been held in October for over 30 years. And the location of the festival was not chosen by chance - after all, the world's largest brewery, the Adolf Course Company, is located nearby in Golden. More than 2.5 billion liters of beer are produced here annually. It should be noted that the festival is held with true American pomp, with contests, concerts, parades and even fireworks.

Chinese beer festival. This event is held in Qingdao, China. This place is one of the most beautiful resorts in the country, there is also a large port, the fifth largest in China. Since 1991, the largest beer festival in Asia has been held in this place. It starts on the second weekend of August, and the festivities last for two weeks. Back in the 19th century, Qingdao was a German concession; this city was tacitly nicknamed even "Eastern Switzerland". There are no German colonists left here, but in memory of them the Chinese received a Lutheran temple and a brewery, which has now become a museum. Local beer "Qingdao" is brewed according to the original German traditions. The drink has a mild taste thanks to the local water. It is no coincidence that this beer is one of the most popular in Asia. Tens of thousands of tourists come to the festival every year. They are attracted not only by cheap beer, it costs about a dollar a bottle here. The festival is a vibrant event with concerts, fireworks and private beaches. And it takes place in a special beer city built for this, where admission is free. During the festival, the most popular Chinese toast "Gan Bi", which literally means "bottoms up!", Is constantly played here.

Beer Festival in Peterborough. This festival is the second largest in England. More than 40 thousand people gather in a small town in the east of the country every year at the end of August. As a result, the population of Peterborough increases for some 5 days to 200 thousand. All the world's major beers are represented here, each of which has its own dedicated tent. The festival also pleases with a rather large menu. After all, here you can taste not only beer, but also apple and pear cider. Live music is heard everywhere, and every year a new collection of exclusive glasses is presented. The place where the festival is held is essentially a separate town, because there is even a post office with a hospital and even its own drowning rescue service. There is where to drown - more than 350 types of ale are presented at the festival. Guests vote for the best varieties, after which the champion or the Best New Brewery is determined. This winner is obliged to treat all guests of the festival with a new variety next year. This festival is already 35 years old, and it was organized by the same CAMRA company. There are also rules of survival in the conditions of continuous celebration - do not forget to eat, drink water, wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Beer mile. This festival has been held since 1996 and will be held on the first weekend in August. The Beer Mile is one of the brightest and most ambitious celebrations dedicated to the foamy drink. It is arranged by the company "Present" and the "Union of Private Breweries of Germany". The territory of the holiday was conditionally divided into 21 beer regions. Visitors are free to enter here, but it is recommended to purchase a 200 ml mug with the event logo, it costs 3.5 euros. But thanks to such a small volume, it will be possible to taste many different types of beer. For each "test" you will have to pay from 1.5 to 2 euros. The festival is held along the Karl Marx Alley, at first for a mile, and now at a distance of 1600-2200 meters. There are various tents and pavilions along the pedestrian zone, where you can not only taste different varieties, but also taste nuts, pretzels, sausages, sausages and other national dishes. And every hundred meters there are stages with live music. For three whole days at the festival, German national motives, rock and roll and modern pop music sound. And what about such a fun event, but without folk dances? This festival has a relatively small history, but it is attended by over 750 thousand people. More than 300 breweries from 86 countries represent their products. Here you can taste more than two thousand types of beer, including those from local breweries, whose product simply cannot be found on the shelves of large stores. And the host of the festival is the legendary beer king Gambrinus. It is he who announces all significant events and records. For example, in 2011 the total table length set a record of 2,200 meters.

Goybodenfest. Many people associate beer festivals with Bavaria. But it is famous not only for one Oktoberfest. The Foamy Festival in Straubing is even called the fifth season of the year. This is the second largest holiday in Bavaria after Oktoberfest, where more than a million guests arrive annually, which is a couple of dozen times more than the number of inhabitants of Straubing itself. And the beginning of the festivities originated back in 1812, when the king of Bavaria, Maximilian I, instituted an annual farmers' festival by his decree. Then the best pets were shown here, the method of breeding them was shared, and even races were held. In 1949, Goybodenfest also opened an amusement park for guests, with carousels and attractions. Today there are 7 large beer pavilions for 24 thousand seats. Each such tent is unique, distinguished by its unique decorations, specialties, delicacies and even a unique musical program. And the festivities open with a costume procession - a procession of people in national clothes, carriages and carts with beer and decorated cars is walking along the streets. The length of this column is about three kilometers. Festival guests also love the festive illumination show on the Danube. And if Oktoberfest is mainly visited by tourists, then Goybodenfolksfest is a folk festival, popular primarily among the Germans themselves.

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