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This brand first became known back in 1873. The new cigarettes are named after Chesterfield County, Virginia.

They were designed to appeal to the patriotic feelings of the consumer, and the company itself received a certain touch of aristocracy. But the manufacturer did not manage to expand the sales of the new brand - the "tobacco wars" began.

At the end of the 19th century, small and medium-sized companies began to collide with large corporations in America. According to Karl Marx, this is how capitalism passed into its last stage - imperialism. The monopolies mercilessly engulfed competitors. A similar situation has developed in the tobacco industry, where the American Tobacco Company has become such a "monster". In 1898, Drummond was taken over by the giant, despite the help of an ally like the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company (which later gave the world the L&M brand).

In 1907, it turned out that the American Tobacco Company owns 90% of the global tobacco market. Then the American government decided to take action. A series of antitrust investigations showed that antitrust laws were consistently violated. As a result of long proceedings, the US Supreme Court decided to divide the American Tobacco Company into several parts. So Liggett & Myers was revived, which also got the Chesterfield brand as a bonus.

The US tobacco market has once again become the site of aggressive competitors. All participants in this market began to spend a lot of money on advertising and promoting their own brands. Chesterfield also had to change a lot. As a result, only the name remained from the old brand. Even the tobacco mixture was taken differently, and the design of the pack changed. But a reasonable approach to promoting the brand allowed it to take a strong place in the market, second only to Camel and Lucky Strike.

However, they did not sleep there either, as a result of which the Chesterfield brand became the target of a black PR attack. For example, in 1934 there was a rumor that leper labor was used at the main Liggett & Myers factory in Richmond. Who wanted to smoke tobacco made by terribly sick people? As a result, sales of Chesterfield cigarettes dropped significantly in just a few months. Even the intervention of the Mayor of Richmond did not help, and the official denial of the Health Council did not succeed.

Before the company had time to recover from such a blow, the competitors again repeated their maneuver. In the midst of World War II, there was a rumor that at one time Liggett & Myers financially supported Adolf Hitler, giving him $ 1.5 million. And again a scandal and a blow to reputation.

Nevertheless, in Germany itself, cigarettes have become popular. Indeed, in the territory liberated by the Americans, it was this Chesterfield product that became the only hard currency. The Germans even came into use with a not particularly funny ditty: "Wettn Ami mil der Schwester spiel bekomme ich ein Chesterfield" ("If the Yankees frolic with my sister, I will get" Chesterfield ").

Despite scandals and attacks from competitors, Chesterfield was gaining popularity. This happened largely due to high-quality advertising. The tobacco brand was not shy about paying for movie stars. Chesterfield cigarettes were advertised by such status actors as Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Lucille Ball. The brand sponsored the Glen Miller radio show and the TV series Gunsmoke. Sports stars - soccer and baseball players - were advised on Chesterfield posters.

And in one of the advertisements in 1948, even Ronald Reagan himself starred, then, of course, he was still an actor, and not the President of the country. Having taken such a responsible post, Reagan himself tried not to remember his participation in tobacco advertising. Meanwhile, Chesterfield spent money and energy infiltrating books, plays, and Broadway productions. Shrewd marketers have managed to find a place for a tobacco brand even in rock culture - the hard rock band The Chesterfields appeared in San Francisco.

Since 1995, the products of the famous brand have been produced in Russia, at the factories of the Philip Morris concern. In April 2008, the traditional Chester tutu design changed again. Now, an illustration unfolds on three sides of the pack, which tells about the brand. The side side, by its color, speaks of the flavor variant to which the cigarettes belong. And the names of the varieties themselves have changed a little, having received “shades” - Chesterfield Classic Red, Blue and Bronze.

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