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Meaning of the name

The name has several versions of its origin. Translated from Greek means "strength", translated from Arabic - "faith".


She is very sensitive as a child. It is prone to infectious diseases, especially those associated with kidney and bladder diseases. Bad appetite, sluggish, weak girl. Due to frequent malaise, Dinara grows up as a nervous and capricious, but very capable child: all subjects at school are given to her without difficulty.

She willingly helps her mother with housework, prepares food with her. In her free time, she likes to look at photos of her favorite artists, which she has been collecting for more than one year.

Finishing school, she becomes too independent, she chooses a profession, does not need parental advice. He prefers to be friends with boys, finding a common language with them more easily than with girls. However, he enjoys authority with both those and others.

Dinara has a developed intuition, but does not know how to use it at all. Restrained in communication and too principled. Always speaks the truth in the face, does not know how to lie or flatter. Poorly adapting to circumstances, with difficulty changing place of work or apartment. Has a good memory, a sharp mind.

Dinara, born in winter, is a realist and materialist. She is inquisitive, but she believes in little until she is convinced of everything herself. Fidget by nature, does not tolerate loneliness, especially "December". Loves pleasant company, willingly attends parties.

Born in autumn, Dinara has good organizational skills, can lead a team, is the initiator of many innovations. Avoids frequent communication with superiors, but does not go into conflict.

Born in the summer, she is somewhat indecisive, closed. She does not get married for a long time, she carefully chooses friends. He is very afraid of disappointments, experiences failures for a long time, does not forgive betrayal and betrayal. She is demanding of others, which is why she often does not find understanding on their part.

Dinara does not like superficiality, negligence in work. She is very clean and squeamish. The leader is in the team. She relies only on herself, rarely resorts to the help of strangers, even friends do not always know about her problems. Dinara does not tolerate empty talk, she cannot talk on the phone for a long time. She is annoyed by male talkers.

Dinara, born in spring, has an unbalanced psyche, her mood is changing rapidly. She needs to be attentive to her health, not to overwork, to get enough sleep. Susceptible to nervous breakdowns and depression. She is very sensitive to failure, she has a sick pride.

By virtue of her character, Dinara can be an excellent actress, understands music and works of art. Good taste. Someone's bad taste annoys her. She marries an old friend, making sure that this is exactly the goth man with whom she would like to be always close.


A hot, fiery heart, always ready to conquer and charm, and a complete rejection of cold, indifferent people. There are so many vitality in it that it is enough for everything and everyone: for love, friendship, home, household.

Dinara is incredibly jealous, often this is the spring of her sexual behavior - her desire to squeeze everything possible out of a man so that he has no strength left for another woman. She treats all men with a certain degree of suspicion; at the slightest hint of infidelity, she is ready to break off all relations with her partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus.


The sound of the name Dinara gives the impression of something kind, light, cheerful, active, bright, joyful.

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