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There are a huge variety of cultures, peoples, traditions in the world. But it is precisely this variety that makes life so bright and interesting.

At the same time, the peculiarities of cultures are manifested not only in the language, but even in the style of driving on the roads. And why not take a little trip and get to know the habits of drivers around the world?

Egypt. It seems that in this country they do not know at all what the traffic rules are. It is not surprising that accidents occur quite often on the roads. Therefore, even having priority on the road, the driver has to turn his head around and constantly look in the mirrors. On the roads, cars are constantly honking each other, communicating in this way. Drivers are even advised to stock up on headphones or earplugs. Here they honk for no particular reason, simply stating their presence on the road. It is not recommended to drive around the country at night - drivers like to stop on the road and turn off all lights. On the roadsides, it is worth resting with the utmost care - snakes can lie in wait here. The main transport in the country is not only old cars, but also camels.

Austria. Here the drivers are in no hurry, following all the rules with the pedantry inherent in Austrians. Motorists here respect the rules very much and simply will not understand those who suddenly decide to be polite and skip, having priority. Overtaking on the right is generally a terrible sin. And do not be surprised that for a gross violation the motorists themselves will report to the police. And on the roads of the country, the main cars are BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz.

Spain, Italy, Portugal. Drivers in these countries, albeit temperamental, but not aggressive. True, here I can hang on the tail, blink the high beam and even exceed the speed. But all this does not have the character of overt aggression. To drive a car in Sicily, you need to stock up on a good dose of insolence, because the intersections here are so confused with signs that you have to take the initiative. Even experienced drivers are confused by such overkill with signs and pointers. And for those fans of especially dashing driving, there are very considerable fines for breaking the rules. In these countries, the usual means on the roads are Seat, Alfa Romeo, Fiat.

England. Local drivers are considered sissy, but in fact on the roads impudence reigns, turning into rudeness. The reason for this is the large number of visitors - tourists and immigrants. In addition, left-hand traffic causes confusion for most continental visitors. But the drivers treat the police with respect. In general, the country has a rather developed system of public transport, so a car is not a means of transportation, but a luxury. Ford Fiesta are popular in England, and the richest residents allow themselves to use luxury brands - Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce.

Morocco. In this country, drivers do not seem to know that there is a driving culture. There are not many cars on the roads here, they are mostly all old. Often 5-6 people are packed into a car. Cars move slowly, not in a hurry. Where, you can accelerate to 80 km / h, the car weaves at a speed of 40. Careless drivers here do not try to predict the situation on the roads, and they do not use turn signals. And most often you can find Mercedes 124 and Dacia Logan.

Norway, Sweden, Finland. Here driving is extremely disciplined, while the drivers will be happy to help those in need on the road. In these countries, violations of the rules are rather severely punished, therefore it is not accepted to violate strict speed limits. In winter, car enthusiasts amicably switch to winter tires, and do not try to take risks. It is believed that it is in Scandinavia that the most qualified drivers in the world are. The main brands of cars on the road are Volvo and Saab.

Thailand. The drivers in this country are calm, polite and pleasantly predictable. But it's still dangerous on the roads. The reason for this is the numerous scooters and motorcycles. Drivers of these two-wheeled vehicles, for the most part, cope with their equipment perfectly, but still you need to be extremely careful on the roads. This is especially true of tourist places where a lot of equipment is rented. So, without special need and experience of driving in local realities, it is better not to drive here. Traffic in megacities such as Bangkok is very chaotic and dense, however, there are still few real dangers. And drivers usually move by pickup trucks and scooters.

Japan. This island country has very competent and polite drivers. A visitor may face an unexpected problem - navigation in a huge metropolis. The point is that pointers in English are not installed everywhere. And the Japanese love to drive small cars of brands Honda, Toyota, Nissan. After all, they are economical and easier to park.

Germany. German drivers love speed and drive. Absent-mindedness and illiteracy in driving are simply intolerable here. You just need to move at the pace of the majority and not make mistakes while driving, then the driver will be comfortable in the stream. The Germans have iron nerves, they are ready to step on the brake pedal at any moment. They will not miss, having shown a turn, after 3-5 seconds they will make a maneuver. And the main enemy of all drivers here is covert surveillance by the police. By the way, stereotypes about Germans are not always true. So, here sometimes the rules are violated on the roads, but no one will run to the police to report it. The main brands of cars on the road are BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen.

France. The French seem to embody the image of the average European driver. They break on little things, some are too slow, others, on the contrary, slightly exceed the speed. In large and small cities, contact parking is common. It is considered normal here to drink wine at lunch and then drive. It is worth noting that in France, motorcyclists are rather impudent on the roads. If flashing lights and gendarmes appeared ahead, this means the passage of some important person. Most often, the French choose national brands such as Renault, Peugeot, Citroen.

USA. In this country, most of the drivers are disciplined, but long distances, wide streets and the considerable size of cars simply force them to be scattered. Here you can meet women driving huge SUVs as well as family pickup trucks. It is best to stay away from such objects. Drivers strictly adhere to speed limits. In America, it is widely believed that a real citizen should have a car, this emphasizes status. That is why the urban infrastructure is carefully designed specifically for cars. Public transport is developed only in the largest cities, such as New York. In other cases, people even have to travel to the grocery store by car. That is why rights in America in most states are issued from the age of 16. And in Dakota, you can generally get them even at 14 years and 3 months. The country's most popular car brand, surprisingly, is not Ford, but Toyota. They are followed by Honda and Chevrolet.

Russia. Domestic spaces have always been famous for impudence and rudeness on the roads. Drivers often simply neglect the traffic rules, which is why the accident rate on Russian roads is high. Many drivers drive nervously, they are constantly angry about something. And although the situation has improved lately, this is not happening as quickly as we would like. The main object on domestic roads is Lada and Zhiguli.

Turkey. The drivers here are similar to the Russian ones. They like to honk and blink with a high beam, speed and overtake on the right. If you have driving skills in Moscow, then driving in Turkey will be quite comfortable. Yes, and pedestrians here match the drivers, they do not follow simple rules and cross the road where they please, and even letting children forward, to be sure. The Tofas Sahin car brand is especially popular in Turkey.

India. In this country, there is no need to talk about orderly movement - chaos reigns here. Drivers simply cannot adequately assess the situation and behave according to logic. And all road signs are simply ignored. In India, drivers love to paint their cars. And pedestrians run across the road anywhere, many of them are generally inadequate, as they are in a state of drug intoxication. Another unexpected danger on the roads is cows, because they are sacred animals here and everything is allowed to them. The main car brands in India are Indostan, Tata.

China. Although the drivers are friendly, they easily make risky and rash movements on the road. Road markings, traffic lights and speed limits are often irrelevant. But the horn plays an important role. In China, the life of pedestrians is not appreciated at all - they are not allowed even at crossings. The main transport in the overpopulated country is scooters reassembled in China by Volkswagen and cars of local mysterious brands.

Poland. Here, no one observes the art of overtaking, sometimes even double solid does not stop hurrying drivers. Autobahns in Poland are sometimes slightly better than in Germany, but in the provinces the roads are just as terrible as in Russia. Drivers have to overtake many trucks on the way. The police here may well take a bribe, which in principle is excluded in most European countries. Law enforcers in Poland love to hide in the bushes. The Opel brand is popular in the country; old Volkswagen from neighboring Germany are brought here.

Belarus. The drivers here are law abiding and cultured, they are very friendly. And the roads in Belarus are already very good and clean, the contrast is especially noticeable when entering from neighboring Ukraine or Russia. Traffic police officers practically do not take bribes, but they may demand to pay a fine on the spot. The main car brands on the roads of the country are Audi A80, Volkswagen Passat.

Georgia, Azerbaijan. In these countries of the Caucasus, fast and aggressive driving is the norm. Whoever succeeds first is right, but the rules themselves are a secondary matter. The main transport here is used Mercedes.

Uzbekistan. In this country, the headlights are not turned on even at night, all because many cars are equipped with a night vision system. Drivers use the horn not as a warning, but as an opportunity to communicate. And they move here not only on cars Nexia, Damas, Daewoo and Matiz, but also on donkeys.

Brazil. In this country, one-way traffic is common, but although it is right-hand. On the roads, drivers often chase, so you have to either take part in this process, or wait on the sidelines. They park here as needed, and some leave their car even right in the middle of the road. And if somewhere they are fined for this, then certainly not in Brazil. If you happen to travel by car across the endless expanses of the country, then you should think about your own safety. And you should not always expect danger from drivers. Even in a traffic jam, you can meet with a robber who will require money and documents. So it is worth driving and standing with the windows and doors closed as much as possible. Do not ignore the demands of the boys looking after the parked car to leave them for tea. After all, otherwise, you can find your car in an incomplete package.

Switzerland. Once in this country, the driver must first remove his anti-radar. After all, this means is strictly prohibited by law. The violator can not only receive a fine, but also go to jail. It is obligatory here to use seat belts, while the one who is not wearing must show a certificate that he cannot do it for medical reasons. You cannot use mobile communications here. And the most popular transport in the country is a bicycle, and everyone treats such traffic participants with the utmost respect.

Cyprus. The island has left-hand traffic, which is a legacy of the "English" trace in history. So you need to overtake on the right. In the cities of the country, it is forbidden to drive faster than 50 km / h, even on expressways, you cannot accelerate more than 100 km / h. You should also take into account the specific traffic rules in this country - smoking in a cabin with children under 16 will result in a fine of up to $ 120. The police also monitor the appearance of the numbers, because many drivers used to deliberately bent or scratch them, trying to deceive the cameras and video cameras common here.

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