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Meaning of the name

Emmanuel translated from Hebrew means "God with us."


As a child, Emmanuel is a capricious and selfish child. With his parents, he is stubborn and persistent. Growing up, Emmanuel softens the harshness of his character a little. He is ambitious, loves to be popular, strives for leadership.

Emmanuel is a talented conversationalist. He can keep up a conversation on any topic. Emmanuel, as a rule, is a cultured person who has received a prestigious education, who works in an interesting, highly paid job.

Emmanuel finds his place in life, his self-confidence is very difficult to shake. However, Emmanuel is not good at understanding people.

Emmanuel loves to argue. In a dispute, he is so emotional that he begins to contradict himself. Emmanuel has mood swings. Emmanuel is squeamish, sometimes unnecessarily. Emmanuel can achieve good results in scientific activity.

Emmanuel gets married after thirty. When his parents already lose hope of nursing their grandchildren, Emmanuel surprises them, Emmanuel often gives birth to twins, moreover, soon after the wedding. Usually, Emmanuel has a happy, close-knit family. Emmanuel's favorite pastime is playing chess with children.


Emmanuel is handsome and sexy enough to drive a large number of women crazy. However, Emmanuel is very selective. He is attracted by interesting, bright women, somewhat older than him, able to understand and feel him. With such a woman, Emmanuel opens up, he throws out all his sexual potential, brings his partner to numerous orgasms.

With a woman who really likes him, Emmanuel feels like a hero, a superman. He is ready to move mountains for her. Breaking off a relationship is a painful procedure for Emmanuel. He cannot offend the woman with whom he felt so good and easy. Emmanuel often suffers for months, waiting for her to understand everything and leave him.

As a rule, Emmanuel's wife does not quite match his taste, but they are bound by true love.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Emmanuel gives the impression of something complex, viscous, soft.

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