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Meaning of the name

Scandinavian means rich.


Erika as a child is a nervous, unbalanced, capricious girl, but she is very kind and moral.

Growing up, Erica becomes a proud and unapproachable woman. In clothes and other surrounding objects, she prefers classics and minimalism.

Erica is proud, categorical in her judgments, often acts as an offended virtue. Erika is sociable, values ​​reliability and stability in friendship, the ability to support in word and deed.

Erica never loses confidence in herself, under any circumstances she remains collected and outwardly calm. Can make a career in the field of painting, design, advertising, journalism.

She gets married late, because she is looking for a man similar to the ideal that she came up with in her youth. Erica loves to associate with nice people, but these people should also be helpful.

Erica, although charming, is callous and intolerant of people, often falls into depression, is prone to stress, neuroses. Sometimes Erica devotes herself to serving God.


Being in the arms of a man, Erica always relies on mutual sexual satisfaction and, if she does not receive pleasure, experiences strong discontent, sometimes even a feeling of humiliation.

She, like no other woman, suffers from a lack of male attention. It is difficult for Erica to find a suitable partner, she is far from being able to experience an orgasm with everyone, sex life is usually devoid of joy.

Erica identifies intimate relationships with love and receives from them both sensual pleasures and strong emotional experiences. Erica is not always able to tell her partner directly about her desires, but expects openness and understanding in return.

Erica is very jealous and suspicious, she considers the slightest coldness of her husband as a sign that he has another woman. She loves active men, but she needs a rather lengthy preliminary preparation, Erica is not one of those women who ignite from one touch of a man's hand.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio.


The sound of Eric's name gives the impression of something beautiful, good, safe.

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