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The Israeli family is considered the most calm and balanced family in the world, there is no place for rudeness, here no one will ever raise their voice to anyone. It is believed that in these families any issues can be resolved peacefully, this is the only way to achieve balance and ideal in the family.

The life of an Israeli family is based on respect, which it must pass on to its children as well. Parents should be ideal for their children, their duty is to pass on all family and national traditions to their children. In addition, children need to instill the correct character traits and for this you need to have certain skills and ability in education.

When it comes to the relationship between men and women in the family, in an Israeli family, both spouses are equally important. Although a woman concedes the role of head of the family to a man, this does not mean that a man is somehow better or more important than a woman.

It is believed that everyone in this life has a role to play, both a man and a woman, and each in the family performs his own specific functions. The reason why a woman in Israel transfers the powers of power in the family to a man is just female modesty, although the woman herself is well aware that in some things she is significantly superior to the man.

A wise Israeli woman is well aware that she will not be able to fulfill all the duties of a man and will not be able to do without him, the same opinion is shared by a man, knowing that he is not able to do all the work that a woman does at home and around the house.

Each person is important in his place, otherwise nothing in this life will work. Many men also understand that a woman works a lot harder and her responsibilities are much harder, and no man can fulfill all these responsibilities.

In an Israeli family, there should be no infringement on the rights of a woman, she has the right to do as she sees fit, but still must consult with her spouse. Between spouses in Israel, purity of relations should be maintained, there is one vivid example or rather even a long-standing Israeli tradition that refers to the feminine principle.

The moment a woman starts menstruating, the woman is considered unclean and the man cannot touch her. This period begins from the very first day of menstruation until the day when the woman is cleansed. The time when the menstruation cycle should begin should be known to the woman and strictly monitor this time.

After the end of the menstrual cycle, the woman must count another seven days and undergo a cleansing rite. Only then can an Israeli man touch his spouse.

It is also believed that if a child is conceived on the days of the menstrual cycle or until the moment when the purification rite is not completed, he will have a very rude and impudent character, and a child who is conceived on clean days grows up to be a wonderful and kind person.

A special attitude in the Israeli family to raising children. As with any family, Israeli parents also want the best for their children.

They want their children to grow up kind and intelligent people, receive a decent education, get a prestigious and well-paid job, so that their children achieve real success in life and in family affairs, and that they are respected and honored everywhere. However, this is not enough for Israeli parents, all this is not enough for their children to grow up the way they want.

Children in an Israeli family are brought up in love for their religion, and they should respect all the numerous national and religious traditions that have been established from ancient times. Children should be sincere and with real love and tenderness should treat not only their parents and relatives, but also with the same sincere love should follow all religious customs and honor their religion.

True, in order to bring up all this in children, parents themselves must in strict order live according to the customs and traditions of their religion and be an example for their children. It is impossible to say that all Israelis perfectly fulfill all the prescriptions, because sooner or later each person deviates slightly from his path.

However, the task is such as to strive for self-improvement and Israeli children should see everything their parents strive for and take an example from them. The desire to correct their mistakes in life teaches children not to repeat the same mistakes that adults made.

Do not be afraid that children see the mistakes of adults, it is very useful for them to know what to avoid in life. In addition, you need to be very close with your children in order to establish a very strong bond with them.

The most important traits that parents in Israel bring up in their children are love, deep trust and fear. Love and trust are, of course, the most important positions by which you need to live, trust in the family is of great importance, as well as love for everyone around and for your family and friends.

Why should children be taught fear? After all, this feeling cannot bring anything good. A child in Israel must be afraid of the consequences of his bad behavior, he must fear the punishment that will follow after he has committed a bad deed.

Although parents in Israel try not to punish their children, still sometimes they need to be kept strict, otherwise they will grow up simply spoiled and rude. Love in an Israeli family is imperative in parenting, because a lack of love can alienate a child from his parents.

If there is no trust in the family, this will also negatively affect the character of the child, and he will never be able to trust anyone in his life. These all feelings must also relate to religious traditions and customs.

All of the above suggests that the main thing in an Israeli family is, nevertheless, the introduction of children to religion and the carrying of this religion through their entire conscious life, in order to pass on all their knowledge to their children again after a certain time.

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