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In the battle for calories, everyone tries to avoid foods like cookies, cakes, ice cream, and chocolate. After all, it is there that most of those very dangerous "units" are. After all, they quietly do their unseemly work, adding more than one hundred calories.

Mayonnaise. In this product, out of 100 grams, up to 70% are the same fats. How to deal with this? You just need to replace mayonnaise with some other seasoning, where there is not much fat. To do this, soy sauce or balsamic vinegar will not interfere with the salad. But even better would be using regular low-fat unsweetened yogurt. It is also allowed with low fat content. Using your own sauce is a good option. Homemade cheese, for example "cottage", is well suited for him. It's best to stop adding your favorite tuna salads or chicken mayonnaise. It will be more useful for the figure to add greens, black pepper and a little tomato there.

Nuts. In fact, nuts are not only very healthy, but also high in calories. 100 grams of the product contains about 77 grams of fat. But how to refuse such a tasty product? First of all, you need to understand that nuts are an important part of a balanced diet. It may contain a lot of fat, but there is no cholesterol in this product at all. Fats are monounsaturated here. However, when deciding to lose weight, it is best to give up a large daily intake of nuts. If the love for them is great, you need to switch to those types that still do not contain so much fat. For example, you should pay attention to almonds.

Cream for coffee. Who can deny themselves a morning cup of coffee with cream? But they contain 50 grams of fat from 100 grams of the product. And again the question arises - how to limit the consumption of such a tasty product to which you are already accustomed? Even those who cannot live without coffee with cream should come to terms with the idea that this product should be completely excluded from their diet. After all, they are the concentration of unhealthy saturated fats. Therefore, there is only one way out - to stop adding cream to coffee. A substitute can be suggested - use skim milk, low in fat. If this is not possible, as there is no refrigerator at hand, then milk powder will do. Even this option is much better than using cream.

Peanut butter. And in this product half of 100 grams belongs to fats. Many will say that peanut butter is not so common in our country, it is a typical product for American or Western European cuisine. Nevertheless, such a product is becoming more and more popular with us. There is a simple explanation for this. After all, peanut butter is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats. Only now the figure will hardly be grateful for the use of such a product. Today it is worth looking for analogues of such an oil that do not contain sugar at all. This will not decrease the amount of fat, but the calorie situation will be much better. You are allowed to consume no more than four teaspoons of peanut butter per week. And it's better to eat it on sandwiches, and not on your own.

Potato chips. This delicious product contains 35 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. When you start tackling the consumption of chips, pay attention to the information indicated on the package. After all, the amount of fat, like calories, can vary depending on the brand of the product and their manufacturer. Only now you can justify the chips only by their taste, but not by their benefits. Therefore, it is best to replace them with regular popcorn. And here it is better to turn not to the purchased option, but to the one prepared by yourself. Even salty crackers have less fat than chips. Although this option cannot be called successful either. Having failed to give up chips, you should choose those options that are devoid of trans fats.

Cheeses. It turns out that these foods are very nutritious - they contain 33 grams of fat out of 100 of the whole product. However, you can limit consumption. To do this, turn to cheeses with a low fat content. This may be the already mentioned "cottage" or its variants. It must be remembered that hard cheeses (Parmesan, Gouda or Cheddar) are much higher in fat. We must refuse to constantly add cheese to food, or limit the consumption of those dishes that contain a lot of it. This includes pasta and cheese, pizza, hamburger, and sandwiches. Fast food products have little to do with healthy foods.

Red meat. There is 31 grams of fat per 100 grams of this product. When comparing red meat like beef or pork with other fatty foods, this ratio does not seem critical. But the problem is that people eat meat in much larger quantities than the other mentioned foods. You can limit your intake of such fats by starting to consume lean varieties. These include poultry meat, veal, animals killed in the hunt. Red meat should be replaced with fish. When preparing this product, one should try as much as possible to get rid of fats. The same meat products, where fats are obviously visible - homemade sausage, salami, should be excluded from the diet altogether.

Pastries and pies. 100 grams of this product contains 23 grams of fat. But how to get rid of a hearty and tasty meat pie? For gourmets, there is bad news - such dishes are literally overflowing with the most harmful fats for the body. And do not deceive yourself with the fact that pies are far from the first place in terms of fat. The fact is that a person can eat much more flour products than mayonnaise. Therefore, those who are thinking about a healthy heart and losing weight should refuse flour. And you can and should replace it with baked goods made from rye flour or whole grains.

Deep-fried dishes. Deep fat contains 22 "fat" grams of the total 100. It is necessary to limit the consumption of such dishes. After all, deep-fried food has always been considered unhealthy. Eating a fried donut or grilling sausage is better than deep fried food. But such substitutes by themselves are not healthy either. Therefore, it is better to use other popular cooking options. The best way to deep-fry food is to stew, bake, or fry.

Avocado. Even fruits can be quite fatty. So, in avocado, out of 100 grams of product, 17 belongs to fats. But their consumption can be limited. Avocados contain monounsaturated fats that should be included in a balanced diet. However, excessive consumption of this valuable fruit will result in extra pounds. Therefore, do not eat avocados more than once a week. Those gourmets who love to pour mayonnaise on the fruit are strongly advised to get rid of this habit. After all, it will only aggravate the situation. Instead, it is better to add a little lemon to the avocado, it will give a pleasant aroma to the dish.

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