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Abban - the little abbot
Abraham is the father of many
Adhamh - earth
Aengus is one, only choice
Aerin - the world
Aerinn - the world
Ahern - Lord of the Horses
Ayomhar - archer
Ioneitan - God gave
Alaois is a famous warrior
Alastar - Defender of Humanity
Alastair - protector of humanity
Alistair - protector of humanity
Alistyr - Defender of Humanity
Amhlaoibh - heir, descendant of the ancestor
Anraoi - home ruler
Anrey - home ruler
Antane - invaluable
Anten - invaluable
Aodh - fire
Aodhagan - fire
Aodhan - fire
Aodhfayonn - white fire
Aodhfin - white fire
Ardal - High Valor
Ardgal - High Valor
Ahern - Lord of the Horses
Aerin - Lord of the Horses
Aern - god of horses

Bile - sacred tree
Barra - Fairhead
Bartle - son of Talmay
Bartley is Talmay's favorite son
Beraak - sharp
Berak - spicy
Bernard - bold as a bear
Byrne - Raven
Ballinmore - from the big river
Bolinderry - from the city with the oak grove
Bradan - salmon
Bran - raven
Briartak - sailor
Brindan - prince
Brinanne - prince
Brogan - small shoes
Broderick is a dream
Brady is a big chest
Brady - Big Chest
Barr - fairheaded
Barthlimid - son of Talmay

Viley - helmet

Guy is a strong man of god
Garbhan - rude
Garrett is the spear of the brave
Garrett is the spear of the brave
Geralt - ruler of the spear
Heroid - ruler of the spear
Goban - Little Blacksmith
Goibniu - blacksmith
Gollagher - Descendant of Gollchobhar
Gollager - foreign aid
Gottfreidh - peaceful
Gofraidh - God's world
Grigoir - careful, vigilant
Grady - noble

Davin is a little African American
Dakay - tenant, vassal
Daley - meeting, collecting
Dara - oak
Darak - oak
Dwayne - dark, black
Devin - deer
Delaney - dark aspirant
Desmond - from Münster
Jamison is the son of James
Jarlat - ruler of the western
Jed - the spear of the brave
Gerard is the spear of the brave
Gilroy is a red-haired guy
Jiollaidh - golden
Diarmuid is an honorary citizen, without envy
Diarmaid is an honorary citizen, without envy
Diglan is totally good
Disun - from Münster
Doyle - darker, stranger
Donagh - Brown Warrior
Donal - world ruler
Dono the brown warrior
Donovan - a little dark, black
Donog - brown warrior
Doran - exile, wanderer
Driscol - Messenger
Driscoll - Messenger
Duan - dark, black
Deybhidh - the beloved
Dati - fast
Daly - meeting, collector
Der - fertile, fruitful

Yarlate - ruler of the western
Yarfhlate - ruler of the western
Idbhard - Guardian of Prosperity
Eamon - protector of prosperity
Yichang - rider

Kavan - Hollow
Kadan - a small battle
Kazal - fight against the ruler
Kazan - a small battle
Kazaoir - warrior
Kazeld - fight against the ruler
Kayonaodh - born of fire
Kalbhak - bald
Kalvag - bald
Cullen is a young puppy
Kamhea - dog of the plains
Karei - dark
Curran - little African American
Katoldus - fight against the ruler
Cathair - warrior
Katel - fight against the ruler
Kahal - fight against the ruler
Kahir - warrior
Kevin is a little sweetheart
Kegan - fire
Kaydn - a small battle
Casey - alert, wide awake
Kenyon - small wolf
Keollak - battle
Kerbhol - dilettante
Kerbollan - Little Dilettante
Kearney - soldier, warlike
Qian - ancient, distant
Qianan - Ancient, Distant
Kiaran is a little African American
Keegan - fire
Killian the little warrior
Killeen the little warrior
Kinneiday - ugly head
Keefe - pretty, handsome, sweetheart
Clankey - the red warrior
Clanky - Red Warrior
Koilin - puppy, young puppy
Collahan - a little bright-headed
Coleman - pigeon
Colum - dove
Lump - dove
Komgal - joint pledge
Komgan - born together
Comin - shrewd
Komkhgan - born together
Komhgol - Joint Pledge
Conan - small dog / wolf
Conway - yellow dog / wolf
Konlaed - fire purification
Konlaodh - purification of fire
Konlaok - the main warrior
Konlet - purification of fire
Conn is in charge
Connla is the main warrior
Konol - strong as a dog, a wolf
Conollan is a small one who is strong as a dog, a wolf
Concher is a wolf lover
Conchobar - lover of wolves
Conchober - lover of wolves
Conchobor - lover of wolves
Konchobhar - lover of wolves
Konchubhar - lover of wolves
Konchur - lover of wolves
Cormac - son of pollution
Coleman - pigeon
Cowall - connecting
Krevan - fox
Christy is the bearer of the cross
Kroger - loves dogs
Ku bhuidh - yellow dog, wolf
Ku Chulainn - Culann's dog
Quan - small dog, wolf
Quinlan - Formed by the Fair
Quinn - head, dog, wolf
Kuchulane - Kulann the dog
Carbr - charioteer

Labhras - from Lorentum
Lamont - lawyer
Lanti - Follower of Saint Siknol
Laoger - Shepherd
Lachtna - colored
Leon - lion
Liam - helmet
Lear - sea
Lichlann - Follower of Saint Sichnol
Lohman - small naked
Lonan is a small blackbird
Lorcan is a bit cruel
Lorkkan is a bit cruel
Lucas - from Lucania
Lew - oath
Lewade - oath

Maedok - my dear Aedh
Maichlainn - Follower of the Sichlainn
Mazuin - bear
Poppy dara - son of oak
Malachi is a Sichlane devotee
Malone - Descendant of a Follower
Manus - big
Maoilichlain - devotee of Sichlain
Maoilmhin - the gentle leader
Maolgfhogmhair - Leader of the Harvest
Marcas is a warlike
Martan - from Mars
Mathamhain - bear
Mahon is a bear
Mael-maedok - follower of Maedok
Mellan - Little Lightning
Meollan - a little lightning
Murty the sailor
Murphy - sea warrior
Michiel - Who Is Like God?
Molan - Servant of the Storm
Mainchin the little monk
Maichiu - a gift from God
Martyn - from Mars
Murgis - sea, forbidden
Muriartak - sailor
Muris - black, Moor
Murchertak is a qualified seaman

Nyoklas - victory of the people
Naomhan is a bit of a saint
Neis is the one, only choice
Nis is the one, only choice
Niul is the champion
Nolan is a small champion
Nuada - fog
Nuadha - fog

Odhran - a little painful
Oisin - a small deer
Oilayall - elf
Oillill - elf
Oliff - heir, descendant of an ancestor
Olsandair - Defender of Humanity
Olsander - Defender of Humanity
Ormond - Descendant of Ruadh
Ormondt - Descendant of Ruadh
Oscar is a deer lover
Ossian is a small deer

Padraig - Nobleman
Part - son of Talmay
Partalan - son of Talmay
Partlan - son of Talmay
Partnan - son of Talmay
Parthlan - son of Talmay
Patrick is a nobleman
Paidn the little noble
Piaras - rock, stone
Pilib - horse lover
Floor - small
Prointhich is a generous person
Proinsias - free
Paddy is a nobleman
Paidin - Little Nobleman

Raiogbhardan - the little poet-king
Ryognan - the little king
Ryan is the little king
Regan is the little king
Ryan is the little king
Regan - the little king
Riemann is a wise defender
Risterd is powerful and brave
Royberd - famous
Roibin - robin
Ronan - little oath, seal
Rordan the little poet-king
Ruadh - red
Ruadhan - slight redness
Rueydri - the red king
Rueydhri - the red king
Rueri - the red king

Sayomon - listening, listening
Sayotrun - God's world
Sullivan - small dark eyes
Seknol - the second
Senan - a little wise
Seozamkh - he will increase
Seoirs - peasant
Serlas - Human
C - like a hawk
Sigdha - like a hawk
Syknol - second
Sil - slender
Silane - a little slim
Sillag - bright-headed
Sillac - bright-headed
Sillachan - slightly bright-headed
Simas the destroyer
Seamus the destroyer
Sinan is a little wise
Siridin - the seeker
Sifra - the world of god
Sichlane - second
Scully is the herald
Scanlan - scandal
Scanlon - scandal
Sloane - Little Raider
Sloanne - Little Raider
Sluagadh - Raider
Sluagadkhan - Little Raider
Somhirl - Summer Traveler
Sorley - the summer traveler
Styofan - crown
Stiana - crown
Suibn - well-going
Suibnn - well-going
Suilibhan - small dark eyes

Thadg - poet
Thadhg - poet
Taegan - the little poet
Tayernak - Lord
Tyernan the Little Lord
Thurlo is the instigator
Tibbot is a brave man
Tigan - the little poet
Tijernak - Lord
Tijernan the little lord
Tygernmaglus - the lordly prince
Toirdhilbhak - instigator
Thomas is a twin
Thorin is the main
Tuazal - ruler of the people
Tedi - given by god

Waltar - ruler of the army
William - helmet
Winsinn the Conqueror
Ultan - from Ulster
Wayne - green

Faelan - small wolf
Fion - fair, white
Fionne - fair, white
Fayonnagan - a little fair, white
Fionnbarr - Fairhead
Fionnbarra - Fairhead
Fayonntan - a little fair, white
Faolan - small wolf
Farrell is a man of valor
Fachtna - hostile, malicious
Feidhlim - ever good
Feidhlimidh - ever good
Feichin is a small raven
Felim - ever good
Fergal - a man of valor
Fergas is a strong personality
Fechin is a small raven
Fiacna - raven
Fiakra - raven
Phillin is a small wolf
Finbar - Fairhead
Finbarr - Fairhead
Findlaych - the just, white warrior
Finian - a little fair, white
Finn - fair, white
Finnbar - Fairhead
Finnegan - descendant of Fayonnagan
Finnen is a little fair, white
Finnian - a little fair, white
Fitz is the son of the king
Fitzroy is the son of the king
Flann - red, ruddy
Flannabhra - red eyebrows
Flannan - slight redness
Flangal - Red Valor
Flannery - Descendant of Flannabhr
Flynn - red, ruddy
Flatree - Prince-King
Foirchern - high ruler or overlord

Hanley is the champion
Hanraoi - home ruler
Harbin is a vibrant army
Heber - archer
Hurley is a descendant of Yarfhlate

Sean is a good god

Zber - archer
Zimkhin - ready, fast
Zinri - House Ruler
Zybhilin - a small bird
Zybchlin - a small bird
Zilbh - white
Zylell - elf
Zylill - elf
Zilin - handsome
Seelfried - Elf Council
Zindrias - man, warrior
Zindris - man, warrior
Zindriu - man, warrior
Zynl - champion
Zlfried - Elf Council
Znda - like a bird
Znna is a bird
Zoin is a good god
Zrin - the world
Zrinn - the world
Zrrin - the world


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