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Meaning of the name

Lesya is translated from Greek as "courageous".


In childhood, Lesya is often ill, she is easily vulnerable, stubborn, has many talents - she draws well, has an ear for music. Lesya loves to read, has rather high mental abilities, studies well, has many friends. Outwardly, she most often looks more like her father, she inherited character traits from her mother.

Growing up, Lesya, especially one born in winter, becomes more selfish. Parents should devote as much time as possible to her upbringing, showing an example of altruism, otherwise they risk in their declining years to know their daughter's ingratitude.

The adult Lesya is distinguished by prudence, caution in words and actions, sober calculation. She loves to receive guests, she herself goes to visit only as a last resort, in an unfamiliar society she keeps aloof, avoiding everyone's attention.

Lesya, born in winter, is distinguished by the greatest stubbornness, independence and a tendency to create conflict situations.

Born in the summer, she is indecisive, suspicious, often after graduation she does not work in her specialty.

Lesya, born in autumn, is thrifty, loving mother (as a rule, she has sons). Most often she chooses the profession of a teacher, fashion designer, designer, singer or artist.


Lesya does not like noisy parties and crowded gatherings, she is not too flirtatious, but outwardly attractive, she dresses simply, but tastefully.

Quiet and laconic, she often attracts the attention of men who dream of a quiet, calm home, where you can return after a hard day full of stress and worries, and get into a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

Lesya is in no hurry to choose a life partner, weighing all the pros and cons for a long time. Usually, her choice stops on a person with whom she has known for many years and is in strong friendships. Most often, her husband is a military man.

Her marriage is going well, although she does not really like to do housework. Lesya loves to chat with her friends on the phone, getting up too early in the morning is a rather difficult task for her. She is a homebody, does not like to move, long travel is also not in her taste.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Scorpio, Taurus.


The sound of the name Les gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, kind, light, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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