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Meaning of the name

Lucius means "light" in Latin.


Little Lucia is mobile and artistic, loves to be in sight, enjoys performing at school holidays and taking part in concerts.

Growing up, she learns to control her emotions (parents play an important role in this process, setting an example of calm behavior in all life situations), is persevering, learns well, easily converges with people.

The adult Lucia is energetic, balanced, by no means frivolous, rather the opposite. Her feelings are characterized by constancy and depth, decisions are always thought out and weighed. In addition, she combines thoughtfulness with decisiveness. Lucia is a man of action, and always brings her plans to the end.

An important role in her life is played by the system of values ​​that has been established since childhood, on which the life goals and tasks that Lucius sets for herself largely depend. She is restrained, but she is also active.

Lucia's life proceeds calmly and measuredly, this woman does not like to change established traditions, she does not like moving and traveling, so she chooses work closer to home and, preferably, not associated with frequent distant business trips.

She copes with household chores easily and quickly, cooks well, devotes a lot of time to raising children.


The boat is beautiful and has good taste. Men really like this calm and balanced and, at the same time, such an energetic woman.

In family life, Lucia manifests herself as an exemplary hostess and an exemplary loving spouse. She will never provoke a conflict, and will try to settle the disagreement that has arisen without making scenes or scandals.

Lucia is kind and docile, she knows how to control herself and resolve controversial issues with humor, so if you want to command her or insist on your point of view too expansively, then get ready to become a "victim" of her calm and good-natured wit.



A rock

Amethyst, charoite.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Lucius gives the impression of something feminine, good, safe, beautiful, gentle.

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