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In pursuit of weight, people indulge in all sorts of tricks. As a result, you can even make a rating of the strangest weight loss methods.

Administration of urine injection. Probably, this method is worth resorting to when all other diets have already been tried, including the most exotic ones. Those striving to lose weight resort to a strange solution - they start drinking urine every day. The Englishwoman Cheryl Paloni said that she was able to lose weight by 20 kg at once, 76 cm left her waist in just 5 months. The woman owes an unusual weight correction program to the rapid rate of reduction in size. I must say that this technique involves not just urine injections, only the liquid of pregnant women is required. Cheryl now injects herself with such a substance every day. Iris McCarthy is a consultant to the company that came up with this weight loss method. The specialist claims that there is a certain special hormone in the urine of pregnant women - human chorionic gonadotropin. The effect is that there is a deception of the body, the suggestion of a state of pregnancy. As a result, the hormone begins to activate metabolic processes in the body, and metabolism increases greatly.

Sex 7 times a day. Not so long ago, 47-year-old Pauline Potter entered the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest woman in the world. Her weight was 317 kg. But today she manages to burn 500 calories every time, just having sex with her husband. Such a pleasant therapy allowed Polina to lose 45 kg in a year. The couple got married in 2005 and lived together for 3 years. After the divorce, her husband returned to his chosen one when he learned that she had become a celebrity. Mrs. Potter said that thanks to her active intimate life and Alex, she was able to lose these 45 kg. She cannot move a lot in bed, nevertheless, each intercourse takes away 500 calories. Polina hopes that with the help of such a simple method, she will be able to reach the desired weight of 241 kg. The couple is actively moving towards this goal, having sex at times 7 times a day. Only the husband, weighing only 64 kilograms, has to be as active as possible in the bedroom.

Installing a dropper in the nose. When American doctors proposed this technique, many considered it too risky and dangerous. But time has confirmed its effectiveness. Now more and more people in pursuit of a slender figure are choosing a drip, this extraordinary method provides quick and dramatic weight loss. And the technique consists in installing the device directly into the nose. In this case, one of the ends of the dropper is located directly in the esophagus. Food enters the body not through the mouth, but through the nose. This is what the dropper is for. And Dr. Oliver di Pietro, who lives in Florida, came up with this method of losing weight. He decided that enteral nutrition, in which food enters the body using a special probe, is a panacea for many diseases. The doctor claims that a tube in the nose will allow everyone to lose 9 kg in 10 days. A nutrient mixture of water, proteins and fats is injected into a person's stomach in small portions through a dropper. The energy value of such food is about 800 calories. The body begins the ketosis process a few hours after receiving this mixture. With it, fats begin to be burned, since there are no carbohydrates in the provided mixture. As a result, the volumes of fluids and muscles are retained and fat disappears. However, those who decide to lose weight using this strange technique should prepare for difficult trials. After all, you will have to carry a container with a nutrient liquid with you constantly, because the mixture must be introduced into the body strictly according to the schedule.

Paintball game. This is where dieting can be fun. We must forget about exhausting starvation and tight underwear. You can also burn calories with a fun game. A special paintball fitness class for those wishing to lose weight was created by the British company UK Paintball. Players looking to lose weight are encouraged to dodge the colorful balls that company employees shoot at their customers. At the same time, the game mode is designed in such a way as to maximize weight loss. The course of the entire program is designed for 10 weeks, and its cost is 200 pounds. It is estimated that during one game, a person burns from 800 to 1000 calories. The company prepares 3-4 professional shooters for the playground, while the number of zones hidden from their view is minimized. Thus, active movement of all program participants is achieved during the lesson.

Imitation of the gastric girdle. Such a device must fulfill restrictive functions. The belt is usually placed around the patient's stomach, resulting in more rapid satiety. Serving sizes drop, as does the number of calories consumed. As a result, you can safely eat small portions at one meal without feeling the usual hunger for diets. And weight loss will still occur. To install such a gastric belt, it is necessary to carry out a surgical operation, which is fraught with undesirable complications. But the idea received an unexpected revolutionary development. With the help of hypnosis, patients begin to suggest that such a belt has already been installed. The first to undergo this procedure was Marion Cornes. During the suggestion session, the room was even filled with specific medical scents to make it more plausible. The woman later claimed that she even remembered the sound of the wheels of her hospital gurney, as well as the smell of anesthesia and the ringing sounds of the surgeon's knife. The program to simulate the stomach girdle helped the housewife lose weight from size 22 to size 14. Marion loses 4 kilograms of weight a week.

Tongue patch. This technique is also suitable for those who have tried literally every other way to lose weight. Cosmetic surgeon from California Nikolay Chugay offers his own procedure developed by him. With its help, the very process of eating becomes a very painful event. A small piece of plastic mesh is sewn onto the patient's tongue. It makes it difficult for people to chew and swallow solid food. As a result, a person is simply forced to start eating liquid and low-calorie food. Despite the radical nature of the method, about 60 patients have already resorted to it. Previously, nothing helped them lose weight. And in this case, a small piece of plastic the size of a brand per month allows you to immediately lose 10 kg.

Device "Bite counter". Many still cannot lose weight, as they constantly snack during the day. After all, sitting in front of the TV is easy to condemn a pack of chips or a box of chocolates without even noticing it. Scientists have come up with a device that will help you better control unplanned meals. Now a special device will count how many bites of food a person carries out per day. This counter is worn on the wrist like a watch. He also monitors at what time the owner of the gadget takes food. And such a device was invented by researchers from Clemson University in South Carolina. They called the device a food pedometer.

A week in the highlands. It turns out that you can lose weight without exhausting yourself with hard training and eating whatever you like. And this is not advertising deception at all, but the most that neither is science. You just need to climb higher mountains and live there for a while. The experiment involved 20 middle-aged men. They were overweight and had a sedentary lifestyle. And so the experimental were settled for a week in a house at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. It took place on the Zugspitze mountain in Germany. The men continued their usual diet, and all their physical exercises consisted of leisurely walks. It turned out that a week of mountain life allowed the subjects to lose an average of 3 kilograms. A month after the end of this practice, they all lost another 2 kilograms. Scientists believe that people need fewer calories at such a high altitude. That is why the feeling of hunger is saturated with a smaller amount of food. In the mountains, the level of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for satiety, increases. But the level of the hormone of hunger remained unchanged. I must say that the high-altitude weight loss program can be very relevant. It is not worth living at a constant height for weight loss, because after six months the body adapts to such new conditions and begins to work in the same mode. That is why German doctors recommend climbing the mountains for only one week, while doing small intervals.

Deception of the body. Diets usually involve limiting the intake of one group of substances in favor of another. The same technique suggests giving up food altogether. In spite of such a diet, you can only drink green tea without sugar. And when the hunger becomes completely unbearable, then it is allowed to eat peppermint candy. The fact is that when a person does not eat, the level of sugar in his body drops sharply, which causes a feeling of hunger. A mint candy or sweetness is made up of simple carbohydrates that break down quickly. As a result, the sugar level in the body rises for a while, which is a kind of deception. A person ceases to feel hunger for a while. Such a diet is good when you need to lose extra pounds as quickly as possible. But it's better not to be in this regime for more than 5 days, because the body will simply be depleted. But during this time, taking into account daily sports, you can lose as much as 10 kilograms of weight.

Spicy diet. This program is based on the use of hot red peppers. This unusual diet is suitable for those who love burning sensations. The extreme method was developed by Thai nutritionists who studied the effects of hot spices on the human body. I must say that the place where the diet appeared should not be surprising, the fact is that in Asian countries, in particular in Thailand, food contains an increased content of seasonings and spices, including very hot ones. Scientists have found that the constant consumption of red hot peppers leads to weight loss, as excess fat is burned. Pepper has this beneficial property thanks to the natural alkaloid capsaicin it contains. This connection blocks immature fat cells and prevents them from being deposited on the waist, hips and legs. At the same time, capsaicin not only interferes with gaining excess weight, but also fights against the already present. This alkaloid speeds up metabolic processes, lowers cholesterol and destroys fat cells. But how many are able to withstand an acute diet? Scientists recommend to consume a teaspoon of red hot pepper during the day with dietary products, except that you can add it to honey or water.

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