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There are many places in the world that both attract and frighten with their mystery. Scientists cannot really understand these phenomena, either explaining them with massive hallucinations, or simply throwing up their hands. Below are the 10 most mystical places on the planet.

Arkaim. This is a rather mysterious place. First of all, you need to be able to get here in the right way. According to legends, it is not enough to simply buy a bus or train ticket to this mystical city. Here, a different aspect is much more important - will this place want to receive a guest? People come here not simply because of their interest in antiquity. Quite strange and unusual things are happening here. So, you can spend the night on the top of the mountain, where it is quite cold and winds blowing. At the same time, a thick sleeping bag will not be needed - all the same, a cold will not overcome. They say that all diseases that are dormant in the body and sometimes make themselves felt come out in these places and never return to a person again. After visiting Arkaim, people literally break down. The old life loses all meaning. Visited here begins to feel renewed, starting a lot from scratch. This ancient mystical city was found by Soviet archaeologists in 1987. It is located at the confluence of the Karaganka and Utyaganka rivers. This is in the Chelyabinsk region, south of Magnitogorsk. Among all the archaeological sites in Russia, this is undoubtedly the most mysterious. Once upon a time the ancient Aryans built their fortress here. However, for some unknown reason, they left their home and left, finally burning it down. It happened about 4 thousand years ago. But during this time, the city practically did not collapse, another Aryan city, Sintashta, looks much worse. According to the plan, Arkaim looks like two rings of defensive structures inscribed into one another. There are two circles of dwellings, a central square and, again, a circular street in which the flooring was wooden, and there was even a storm sewer. Four entrances to Arkaim were oriented to the cardinal points. There is no doubt that the city was built according to a clear plan. After all, all the circular lines here have a single center, where all the radial lines converge. In addition, the city also has a clear orientation to the stars. The fact is that it was not only built, but also lived taking into account astrological aspects. Arkaim is often compared to Stonehenge, but it would be more appropriate to compare it with the City of the Sun of Tommaso Campanella. This philosopher was fond of astrology and dreamed of creating a society that would live according to the laws of the Cosmos. The City of the Sun, invented by him, was to be built in the form of a ring, taking into account astrological calculations. The culture of the found city existed 38-40 centuries ago. This correlates with the theory of the dispersal of the ancient Aryans on the planet. The legends of those times say that the white race came to Europe from the continent Arctida, sunk in the Arctic Ocean. Then the Aryans settled along the Volga and in the Urals, Northern Siberia. From there they moved to India and Persia. Thus, it is Russia that can be considered the cradle of two ancient world religions at once - Zoroastrianism and Hinduism. The Avesta and Vedas came to Iran and India from us. This can be proved by the Avestan traditions, according to which the prophet Zarathustra was born somewhere in the foothills of the Urals.

Devil's Tower. This place is located in the US state of Wyoming. In fact, this is not a tower at all, but a rock. It consists of stone pillars, which seem to be stacked from bundles. The mountain has the correct shape. It was formed 200 million years ago. For a long time it seemed to an outside observer that this mountain was of artificial origin. But man could not build it in any way, it began to be, the devil created it. In size, the Devil's Tower is 2.5 times larger than the Cheops pyramid! It is not surprising that the local population has always treated this place with trepidation and even fear. In addition, there were rumors that mysterious lights often appeared at the very top of the mountain. A variety of science fiction films are often filmed at Devil's Tower. The most famous of these is Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". People climbed to the top of the mountain only twice. The first conqueror was a local in the 19th century, and the second was rock climber Jack Durrance in 1938. The plane cannot land there, but from the only landing site suitable for helicopters they are literally ripped off by wind streams. Experienced skydiver George Hopkins set out to become the third conqueror of the summit. Although he was able to land successfully, the ropes that were thrown down to him from above deteriorated due to impact on sharp rocks. As a result, Hopkin became a real prisoner of the devil's rock. The news of this shook the whole country. Soon, several dozen planes were circling over the Tower, dropping equipment and food supplies down for free. However, most of the packages were broken on stones. Another problem for the parachutist was the rats. It turned out that there are quite a few of them on the top of a smooth rock, inaccessible from below. Every night, the rodents became more aggressive and impudent. In the United States, a special committee was even created to rescue Hopkins. An experienced mountaineer Ernst Field was called in to help him, along with his assistant. But after 3 hours of ascent, the climbers were forced to abandon further rescue. Field said the damn rock was too tough for them. This is how it turned out that the professionals who conquered the eight-thousanders were powerless in front of the 390-meter-high rock. The same Jack Durrance was found through the press. Two days later he was on the spot and decided to conquer the summit along the only route known to him. The climbers led by him were able to reach the summit and lower the unfortunate parachutist from there. Devil's Tower held him captive for a whole week.

White Gods. In the northeast of the Moscow region, there is a place called White Bogi. It is located in a tract near the village of Vozdvizhenskoe, Sergiev-Posad region. As soon as you delve into a dense forest, the correct stone hemisphere appears. Its diameter is 6 meters and its height is 3 meters. This place was also mentioned in his notes by the famous traveler and geographer Semenov-Tyan-Shansky. Legends say that there was a pagan altar here in the XII-XIII centuries. Its layout was somewhat similar to the English Stonehenge. There, by the way, according to some sources, sacrifices were also made to the gods. In the pantheon of the ancient gods, good was personified by Belbog. His idol was installed by the Magi on a hill, people prayed to him for protection from Chernobog - the personification of evil. The father of these two gods was Svantevit, the god-gods. Together they constituted the Triglav, or triune deity. This was the image of the pagan system of the universe among the Slavs. Our ancient ancestors did not build their settlements anywhere. A number of conditions had to be met for this. Usually the Slavs tried to build near river bends, so that groundwater, ring structures and geological faults were present. This is evidenced by photographs from space, as well as an analysis of the location of old settlements, churches and monasteries, as well as stories that the mystical properties of nature are manifested in such places.

Hatteras. There are many mysterious and mystical substances in the Atlantic. One of them is Cape Hatteras. It was also called the South Atlantic Cemetery. The US east coast is generally quite dangerous for shipping. There are islands here called the Outer Bank or Virginia Dare Dunes. They are constantly changing their shape and size. This makes navigation difficult even in weather with excellent visibility. In addition, there are often storms, fogs and swells. The local current "southern haze" and the "soaring of the Gulf Stream" make navigation in these waters quite stressful and even deadly. Forecasters say that during a "normal" 8-point storm, the wave height here is as much as 13 meters. The Gulf Stream near the cape flows at a speed of about 70 kilometers per day. Twelve miles from the cape are the two-meter Diamond Shallows. There, the famous current collides with the North Atlantic. This leads to the formation of a very surprising phenomenon, observed only in these places. In a storm, waves collide with a roar, and sand, shells and sea foam fly up in fountains to a height of 30 meters. Few managed to see such a spectacle live and then get out of there. There are many casualties at the cape. One of the most famous is the American motor ship "Mormackite". He sank here on October 7, 1954. Another notable incident was the Diamond Shoals lighthouse. He was tightly tied to the bottom with anchors, but strong storms pulled him out every time. As a result, the lighthouse was generally thrown over the dunes into Pamliko Bay. In 1942, he was finally shot from its cannons by an unexpectedly fascist submarine that surfaced here. In general, sandbanks during World War II became a favorite place for German submarines. There, the submariners swam, caught fire and even organized sporting events. And all this is right under the very nose of the Americans. After resting, the Germans got into their boats and continued to hunt for the Allied transports. As a result, in this area from January 1942 to 1945, 31 tankers, 42 transport, 2 passenger ships were sunk. The number of small vessels is generally difficult to calculate. The Germans themselves lost only 3 submarines here, all in April-June 1942. The terrible cape at that time became an ally for the Nazis. Those natural factors that hindered the American ships and submarines only helped. True, the shallow depths were dangerous for the Germans too.

Czech catacombs. There are catacombs in the town of Jihlav in Czech South Moravia. These underground structures were created by man. This place has a mystical fame. Modes were dug here in the Middle Ages. They say that in one of the corridors at exactly midnight one begins to hear the sounds of an organ. In the catacombs, ghosts were repeatedly met, and other supernatural phenomena also happened here. Scientists initially dismissed all these mystical events as unscientific. However, over time, even they were forced to pay attention to the increasing evidence of something amiss happening underground. In 1996, a special archaeological expedition arrived in Jihlava. She made an interesting conclusion - the local catacombs hide such secrets that science simply cannot solve. Scientists have recorded that in the place referred to in the legends, the sounds of the organ are really heard. At the same time, the underground passage is at a depth of 10 meters, there is not a single room near it, which could house this musical instrument in principle. So there can be no talk of random errors. The eyewitnesses were examined by psychologists who said there were no signs of mass hallucinations. But the main sensation, told by archaeologists, was the existence of a "luminous staircase". It was found in one of the hitherto little-known underground passages. Even the old-timers did not know that he actually existed. Samples of the material showed that there is no phosphorus in it. Witnesses say that the staircase does not stand out at first glance. However, over time, it begins to emit a mystical reddish-orange light. Even if you turn off the flashlight, the glow will still remain, and its intensity will not decrease.

Coral castle. This complex includes huge statues and megaliths, whose total weight exceeds 1,100 tons. They are folded here by hand, without the use of any machines. The castle is located in California. The complex has a two-storey square tower. She alone weighs 243 tons. There are also various structures here, thick walls, a spiral staircase leads to the underground pool. There is also a map of Florida made of stones, carved stones, a heart-shaped table, an accurate sundial, and stone Saturn and Mars. The month, weighing 30 tons, points with its horn directly to the North Star. As a result, many interesting objects were placed on an area of ​​40 hectares. The author and creator of such an object was Edward Lidskalninsh, a Latvian emigrant. Perhaps his unrequited love for 16-year-old Agnes Scaffs pushed him to create the castle. The architect himself came to Florida in 1920. The mild climate of this place prolonged his life, because she was in danger due to progressive tuberculosis. Edward was a small man with a height of 152 centimeters and weighing 45 kilograms. Although outwardly he seemed puny, he built his castle for 20 years alone. To do this, he dragged huge blocks of coral limestone from the coast, and then created blocks from it. At the same time, he did not even have a jackhammer; the Latvian created all his tools from discarded car parts. To understand now how the construction itself took place is rather difficult. It is not known how Edward in general moved and lifted the multi-ton blocks. The fact is that the builder was also very secretive, preferring to work at night. Edward was extremely reluctant to let guests into his gloomy places of work. As soon as an unwanted guest got here, the owner grew up behind him and stood there silently until the visitor left. One day, an active Louisiana lawyer decided to build a Villa next door. In response, Edward simply moved his entire brainchild 10 miles south. The mystery is how he did it. It is known that the builder hired a large truck for this. The car was seen by many witnesses. At the same time, no one saw how Edward himself or the builder loaded something there or unloaded it back. When asked how he managed to move his castle, he answered: "I discovered the secret of the pyramid builders!" In 1952, Leedskalninsh died unexpectedly, not from tuberculosis at all, but from stomach cancer. After the death of the Latvian, parts of the diaries were found that spoke about the magnetism of the Earth and the control of the flows of cosmic energy. However, nothing was explained there. Several years after Edward's death, the American Engineering Society decided to conduct an experiment. To do this, the most powerful bulldozer tried to move one of the stone blocks, which Edward did not manage to install. The machine was unable to do it. As a result, the mystery of this whole structure and its movement remained unsolved.

Kyzylkum. Between the Syrdarya and Amu Darya rivers of Central Asia, there are a number of anomalous areas that have not yet been explored. So, in the central part of Kyzyl Kum, in its mountains, strange rock paintings were found. There you can clearly see people in spacesuits and something very reminiscent of spaceships. In these places, moreover, UFOs are often observed. A famous incident occurred in November 1990. Then the employees of the Zarafshan cooperative "Ldinka", traveling at night along the Navoi-Zarafshan road, saw in the sky a long forty-meter cylindrical object. A strong, focused, well-defined cone-shaped beam descended from it to the ground. An expedition of ufologists found an interesting woman with supernatural powers in Zarafshan. She stated that she is constantly in contact with representatives of an alien civilization. In the spring of 1990, she received information that an unearthly flying object was destroyed in near-earth orbit, and its remnants fell 30-40 kilometers from the city. It took only six months and in September two local geologists, breaking drilling profiles, came across spots of unknown origin. Their analysis showed that they cannot have an earthly origin.However, this information was immediately classified and was never officially confirmed by anyone.

Loch Ness. This Scottish lake has long attracted all lovers of mysticism and mysteries. The reservoir is located in the north of Great Britain, in Scotland. Loch Ness area is 56 km², its length is 37 kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake is 230 meters. The lake is part of the Caledonian Canal, which connects the west and east coasts of Scotland. Glory to this lake was brought by the mysterious large animal Nessie, allegedly living in it. Outwardly, it is very similar to a fossil pangolin. Scientists estimate that since the creation of the road on the lake in 1933, more than 4,000 evidence of a monster emerging from the waters of the lake has been recorded. It was first seen in the 20th century by the McKay couple, the owners of a local hotel. However, there are not only documented eyewitness accounts, science also has dozens, albeit indistinct, but photographs, there are underwater records and even echo sounder records. On them you can see in whole or in part one or more lizards with a long neck. Proponents of the existence of the monster cite a film made in 1966 by an officer of the British aviation Tim Dinsdale as proof of their theory. There you can see how a huge animal swims in the water. Military experts have only confirmed that the object moving along Loch Ness cannot be an artificial model. It is a living creature moving at a speed of about 16 km / h. It is also believed that the lake area itself is a large anomalous zone. After all, UFOs were often observed here, the most famous evidence refers to 1971, when alien "irons" flew here. Researchers do not leave the lake alone. So, in the summer of 1992, the entire Loch Ness was thoroughly scanned using sonar. The results were sensational. Dr. McAndrews' charges stated that at least several unusually large living creatures were found under the water. They could have been dinosaurs that somehow survived to this day. The lake was also photographed using laser equipment. The researchers said that the lizard living in the waters is unusually intelligent. Even a submarine was used to search for the monster. In 1969 the device "Pisis", equipped with sonar, was lowered under water. Later, the search was continued by the Viperfish submarine, and since 1995, the Time Machine submarine began to take part in the research. An important study was conducted in February 1997 by the military, led by Officer Edwards. They patrolled the water surface and used deep-sea sonars. A deep crevice was found at the bottom of the lake. It turned out that the cave is 9 meters wide, and its maximum depth can reach 250 meters! The researchers want to know further if this cave is part of an underwater tunnel connecting the lake with other bodies of water in the vicinity. To find out, they are going to launch a whole batch of non-toxic dyes into the hole. Its individual particles will then be looked for in other bodies of water. The lake can be reached from London by train and from Inverness by bus or car. A whole extensive tourist infrastructure has been created around Loch Ness. There are many hotels and hotels here. You can even pitch a tent, but not on personal land. In summer, the lake warms up enough to swim in it. But only Russian tourists dare to do this, which local residents simply take for crazy.

Moleb Triangle. There is a geo-anomalous zone on the Sylva bank between the Sverdlovsk and Perm regions. This triangle is located opposite the village of Molebki. This strange place was discovered by a geologist from Perm Emil Bachurin. He found in the winter of 1983 an unusual round track 62 meters in diameter in the snow. Returning here in the fall of the following year, he saw a hemisphere glowing in blue in the forest. Further study of this place showed that there is a strong dowsing anomaly. Large black shapes, luminous balls and other bodies were observed in the triangle. At the same time, these objects demonstrated reasonable behavior. They lined up in clear geometric shapes, watched people exploring them, flew away when people approached them. In September 1999, another expedition of the "Cosmopoisk" group came here. They repeatedly heard extraneous sounds here. Researchers mention hearing a motor running. There was a feeling that a car was about to roll out of the forest into the clearing, but it never appeared. And then no traces of her were found. The Moleb Triangle is generally quite famous among tourists and ufologists. In the early 90s, so many curious people began to come here that it was simply impossible to do any research here. The press began to mention more and more that the Perm anomalous zone had ceased to exist under the massive influence of people. That is why interest in the mysterious triangle has dropped noticeably lately.

Chavinda. This unusual place is located in Mexico. In Chavinda, according to the beliefs of local residents, there is a "crossing of worlds". Therefore, no one is surprised that anomalous and mystical incidents in this area occur more often than in other places. In the 1990s, a sensational incident took place here. Eyewitnesses say that it was a moonlit cloudless night. You didn't even need a flashlight to see what was happening around. The treasure hunters suddenly heard a horseman approaching them. He was in a national costume. The rider told the terrified Mexicans that he saw them from the top of a distant mountain and rode here in 5 minutes. Physically it was impossible! The treasure hunters threw down their tool and fled in panic. When they came to, they naturally doubted what they had seen. The Mexicans soon began searching again. But it turned out that this was only the beginning! Their new cars began to break down, and within just one day, they turned into old wrecks. No repairs could stop this process. One of the cars was not even seen by other drivers on the road. Once she was even rammed by a truck, the driver of which watched in amazement as he crashed into an "invisible" car. Such mystical troubles continued until the Mexicans, who did not believe in anything before, were forced to give themselves their word that they were refusing to search for this treasure.

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