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Meaning of the name

Nila in translation from ancient Greek means "young", "new".


In childhood, Nila is distinguished by stubbornness, calm, balanced character, she easily adapts to various circumstances, to achieve what she wants, she can cheat.

She loves adventure, especially if she was born in December. She does not study very diligently, after graduating from university, most often she does not work in her specialty, preferring the role of a housewife.

Adult Nila is principled, interested in mysticism, believes in otherworldly worlds. Loves comfort and coziness. She cannot remain indifferent to beautiful things, expensive gold jewelry, for which she can save money for a long time.

But if any of the relatives or acquaintances happens to be in trouble, he will part with his savings without hesitation. Much in her character depends on the time of birth.

Nila, born in winter, has a strong masculine character, prefers to communicate with men. Showing perseverance and resilience, he always achieves what he wants. Born in December, she is a tireless traveler, an extremely active and energetic woman. Extremely generous and kind.

Born in summer, Neela is overly sensitive and stressed. Born in the fall, she is somewhat pragmatic and prudent, she will never refuse help.


In the company, Neela is hard not to notice - she dresses brightly, trying to stand out from others. True, this applies more to those born in winter, especially in December. Fairly believing that success is the result of hard work and self-sacrifice.

Neela will never make claims to her spouse for slow promotion or insufficient salary. She would rather provide him with all the conditions for self-expression, since this is what is most important in her life. Neela is unusually thrifty and frugal, hardworking and obligatory.

For her, happiness lies in spiritual life; for a husband who values ​​her and for whom she is an exalted ideal, she is able to become a true inspiration. She is the ideal wife for a man engaged in community service and government service. Her apartment is clean, beautiful and comfortable. She knows how to create comfort. Neela is hospitable, wonderful hostess, not jealous.

If Neela was born in the summer, then she takes everything to heart, modest and somewhat indecisive. He chooses the groom for a long time, sometimes he never gets married, and when he comes out, he shows excessive suspicion, jealousy, tries to control every step of the spouse. Her sons are usually very much like their mother. Neela is a homebody, she devotes all her time to chores around the house and raising children, whom she loves very much.



A rock

Chalcedony, blue sapphire, turquoise.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Leo.


The sound of the name of the Nile gives the impression of something safe, kind, beautiful, gentle.

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