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Meaning of the name

Osip, a derivative from the Hebrew Joseph - "rescuer".


Osip in childhood is a little prone to whims. The main reason for this behavior is frequent colds, weak immunity. It is difficult for Osip to find mutual understanding and common language with his peers, relations do not go well.

Has a pronounced nervousness and cunning. This is a little writer and a liar. But with these negative traits, Osip is quite compassionate and merciful, it is he who can often be seen pulling homeless cats and dogs into the house.

Outwardly, Osipa are very similar to their father, and their character is often inherited from their mother. The character is almost not subject to age-related changes. They express their emotions very violently, are prone to mood swings, some people irritate them out of the blue.

They easily master the profession of an engineer, sculptor, hairdressing, become artists, musicians and tailors.

In family relationships, Osip manifests himself as an excellent family man, but family life is not always cloudless.


Osip, despite his capricious nature, is very gentle, attentive and caring with women. He will not be able to be next to a stubborn, rude woman who is trying to impose her style and direction in the relationship.

A sufficient number of love adventures and adventures happen in his life, but the greatest joy is given to him by a relationship with that woman for whom he experiences something more than sexual attraction. Understanding and spiritual closeness are the main qualities that he accepts in a relationship.

Osip's sexual behavior is very relaxed and spontaneous; he is not used to planning the time and place for his intimate adventures. He always seeks to sexually subjugate a woman, but when he succeeds, he loses all interest in her.

He experiences intimate failures very sharply. For Osip, the highest achievement in love is to conquer a woman equal to him in intellect, free and independent.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Osip gives the impression of something simple and light.

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