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Men with the patronymic Borisovich have an ambiguous character, on the one hand, they are obstinate and a little quick-tempered, and on the other hand, they are kind and open-minded people with a good sense of humor. They have many friends, in whose company the Borisovichs become ringleaders, they know how to defuse the situation with a witty joke.

However, they have a serious drawback - laziness, due to which words and reasoning often do not develop into decisive actions, therefore Borisovich must always be pushed forward and controlled.

It is difficult to please these people, because sometimes they themselves do not know what they want, sometimes, without fully understanding the essence of what is happening, they can flare up.

But at the same time, the main advantage of these men should be noted - their diplomacy, which helps to achieve what they want.

They like to spend their free time outside the home, often travel, are fond of cars, can spend a long time near "their favorite". In family life, sometimes conflicts arise due to the difficult nature of the Borisovichs, however, if a woman manages to find an approach to her husband, then life takes on new, bright colors.

Women with such a patronymic are very difficult people with a complex, sometimes explosive character, with a flexible mind, an extraordinary approach to everything they undertake.

Borisovnas are often contradictory, but at the same time persistent and hardworking, they know how to calculate everything in advance, trying to foresee all possible situations, but the impulsiveness of their character often fails them, and all calculations turn out to be useless.

These women love things to go according to plan, and if things get out of hand they become irritable and intolerant. At the same time, Borisovna women are light and pleasant in communication, they have an interesting and bright appearance, they always dress with taste, which, of course, attracts men to them.

But it should be said that such women are also vindictive, vindictive and jealous, so you should not cross their path, since their inherent unpredictability can lead to unexpected consequences.

Borisovna are wonderful and hospitable hostesses, but they are not too attached to the house, as they themselves like to visit, spend time with friends or travel, but in no case alone.

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