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A man with such a patronymic is stubborn, persistent and smart, he can handle a lot, since whatever he undertakes, everything will be done clearly and on time. The Bogdanovichs are firm in their convictions, they have their own opinion about everything and it is almost impossible to change it.

Their irascibility and sometimes excessive irritability prevent them from living peacefully and freely getting what they want. Bogdanovichs are purposeful men and often do not stop at anything in order to achieve their goal.

Depending on the time of the year in which they were born, the character acquires certain features: the "autumn" Bogdanovichs are able to make compromises, they are more restrained and not so categorical in their judgments, these are men who do not like to sit still, work takes one of the the main places in their lives. These are jealous and intolerant husbands, wives are always under their control.

Born in summer are calm, balanced people, they like neatness in everything and do not like to rush. Such men can be called couch potatoes, for them there is no greater happiness than sitting at home or tinkering in the country. They do not enjoy success with women, and therefore, they often remain bachelors, but when they get married, they become wonderful husbands, economic and hard-working.

"Spring" Bogdanovichs are very selfish, cunning and clever. They do not like to listen to other people's opinions and look for their own benefit in everything. For a specific purpose, they are capable of deception and can even set up.

These women do not hold stubbornness, intolerance and hot temper. They are restless, harsh in their judgments, around them all the time there is some kind of nervous situation. At the same time, they are smart, calculating, purposeful people.

At work, Bogdanovna are excellent professionals, conscientious and executive, but slowness and quarrelsomeness prevent them from calmly moving forward towards their intended goal, this is also hampered by constant wrangling with their superiors, conflicts with employees.

However, it often happens that women with the patronymic Bogdanovna become leaders, then they oblige everyone to unquestioningly fulfill their instructions and requirements, but using their position is not in their rules. Especially difficult and difficult character for those born in winter.

"Winter" Bogdanovny - pronounced leaders, for the right to be the first they fight always and everywhere, including in family life.

Born in the fall a little softer and calmer, such women, although they like to grumble a little, are capable of making concessions.

In general, the Bogdanovns do not like to do housework and family, it is much more interesting for them to lead an active lifestyle: playing sports, hiking, traveling, etc. The main thing for them in the family is children.

For the sake of children, they will do anything, perhaps even to their own detriment. In a relationship with a husband, they strive to be the head of the family, and betrayal and infidelity are never forgiven, it is easier to erase such a person from life once and for all.

As women, Bogdanovna remain interesting and attractive to men at any age, they always try to look good, dress tastefully, but not always fashionable. In addition, they are loyal, reliable, sympathetic friends, the Bogdanovna will never pass by someone else's misfortune and come to the rescue in difficult times.

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