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These men have an excellent sense of humor, it is always fun and easy with them. Lazarevichs have a sea of ​​hobbies, while trying to involve their friends in them.

At work, they usually quickly achieve leadership positions, this is due to their organizing talents, unconventional thinking, creativity. The Lazarevichs are not arrogant and never try to reach career heights through intrigue and meanness.

The owners of this middle name are creative people who try to apply this approach whenever possible, they are not afraid of failures, accepting them as a new challenge. These men are never alone, they are always full of acquaintances and friends around them.

Lazarevichs do not like to poke their nose where they should not, however, at the same time, they are always aware of the affairs of their comrades and relatives, ready to help if necessary. These freedom-loving men are popular with women, but they marry as late as possible, or even remain single at all.

Usually, the Lazarevichs find their happiness only in their second marriage. Holders of this patronymic before marriage love to rest in large and noisy companies, on hikes, travel, settling down - exclusively with the family, receiving guests and visiting friends.

These are women, slightly out of touch with reality. The Lazarevns dream a lot, live with lofty matters, idealize people's lives. The material world is alien to them and they often do not perceive its realities.

They communicate with people quite easily, they are kind, friendly, sympathetic, and they will help even strangers on trifles. The Lazarevs are absolutely not vindictive, they prefer not to judge people at all.

Life presents these women with many challenges, but this does not change it. Lazarevs are inclined to religion, generally looking for their spiritual purpose.

These women adore animals so much that they can take care of abandoned stray kittens or puppies. The owners of such a middle name are drawn to the ground, if they do not have a garden where they could tinker with plants, then there is probably a whole flower garden at home.

At work, these are good employees, not lazy, executive. The Lazarevny do not seek to take leading positions, as they are rather modest. They often work in the medical field, since helping people is their vocation.

These women, due to their quietness and modesty, do not attract the attention of the stronger sex, therefore their marriages are rare and usually not very successful.

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