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Meaning of the name

Renat means "born again" in Latin. According to some sources, it is also an abbreviation of the Soviet era, meaning "Revolution-Science-Labor", in another interpretation the abbreviation sounds like "Revolution-People-Labor".


As a child, Renat is prone to colds that flow into pneumonia or other lung diseases. Renat is a brave and inquisitive boy, but somewhat shy. Loves animals, can watch them for hours. Renat is an excellent student.

Since childhood, many Renata are fond of photography and video filming, which later becomes their profession. In friendship, Renat is honest, generous and fair. Often Renat becomes a leader in a team, gaining prestige through work and abilities.

Due to stubbornness, Renat cannot always find a common language with people. He does not always fulfill his promises, but he is forgiven for this shortcoming. Renat is concerned about his appearance. He is pathologically clean, his excessive accuracy can scare away.

Renat gets married, as a rule, late. He usually has more than two children.


Born in the summer, Renat is a true macho man. Doesn't miss a single "skirt". The wives of the summer Renats suffer from his many novels. But by the age of thirty-five Renat is fed up, and becomes a "decent" family man.

Renat is insanely clean. If, in the house of the chosen one, he discovers dust, it acts on him like an ice shower. Renat has a passion for everything natural. He does not perceive women with dyed hair and excessive makeup.

Renat adores obese women. He is a passionate lover who knows how to give pleasure to his partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Virgo.


The sound of the name Renat gives the impression of something harsh, free.

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