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Meaning of the name

Rogneda in translation from Old Norse means "sad".


In childhood, Rogneda surprises those around him with his irrepressible imagination, unexpected actions. She was a cheerleader and an inventor, she perfectly knows how to tell fairy tales and "true" stories, the author of which, most often, is herself.

Rogneda is not inclined to demonstrate her feelings in public, she is unlikely to cry and be capricious in the store, demanding that her mother buy her a new beautiful doll. But at home, she will make every effort to ensure that the next time her parents will certainly get her the thing she likes - something, but Rogneda knows how to persuade!

At school, she studies well, does not conflict with teachers, she is somewhat aloof in the team, she usually does not have many friends, since she shows attention and care only for very close people, remaining cold and indifferent to others.

Adult Rogneda is patient, calculating, economical, sometimes stingy. He makes grandiose plans and, to the surprise of others, almost always reaches the intended goal, since he has a sharp practical mind, English calmness and patience.

Rogneda is attentive, careful, truthful and incorruptible, will never act rashly, will necessarily think over the situation and calculate all possible moves and options for action in certain circumstances.

Unfortunately, Rogneda often tends to overestimate her capabilities and blames others for her failures or believes that she was simply unlucky. She is a fatalist and believes that "since it happened, then it should have happened and nothing can be changed." Most often he chooses work in the field of business, trade, jurisprudence, education.


Rogneda learns from an early age to hide his feelings from others. Outwardly, she is unusually attractive, has a delicate taste, her manners are graceful, her speech is correct ... therefore, many fans fail, because they simply cannot understand this mysterious and mysterious woman who can remain indifferent to all signs of attention and passionate confessions of another adorer. In fact, Rogneda simply looks at a man, for a long time studying his advantages and disadvantages.

The power of her self-control is truly limitless, but if she likes a man and the long-held flame of passion bursts out, he will be truly surprised, since the temperament of this outwardly cold woman is extremely strong.

In bed, she is playful and relaxed, capable of giving pleasure to her partner and at the same time achieving the highest degree of satisfaction herself.

Having married, Rogneda manifests himself as a patient loving wife and caring mother. She is calculating, economical, good at cooking, very clean. She is not distinguished by hospitality, and she herself does not really like to visit.

Husband, children, parents, work - the main circle of interests of Rogneda. She takes the bonds of marriage very seriously, is faithful to her husband, and demands the same of him. She is very jealous if she finds out that her husband is cheating on her; she can file for divorce without quarrels and scandals.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The word Rogneda gives the impression of something good, bright, big, active, powerful.

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